Wayne Residence by Molecule

Wayne Residence Features Underground Batman-Inspired Car Parking

If you’ve ever wished to tour Batman’s House in Gotham city, then you must have a visit to the Wayne Residence in Melbourne, Australia. This luxury family home is renovated by local architecture and interior design firm Molecule. It has interior features, including an underground batman-inspired, car showroom for owner’s collection of 12 expensive cars.

The owner wanted to keep intact his home’s heritage quality and evident beauty and as a result, the highly skilled team of architects has built an underground garage that looks pretty similar to the one seen in the movie. They have excavated some portion of the backyard tennis court to construct a 12-car garage in basement. A hydraulic ramp is used to raise the portion of tennis court, granting underground access to the Batcave-inspired car showroom.

On stepping inside the garage one would feel as if they have actually entered into Bruce Wayne’s cottage. The traditional exterior design of the house makes the modernist inclusion of car garage even more surprising.

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Inside the garage, there is illuminated ceiling, expensive cars parked in an organized manner and Batman paraphernalia. The parking looks stunning, and can make any Batman fan crave for it.

This luxury home with underground car parking is indeed a dream man cave for any Dark Knight fan. Take a look at images of the property given below.

Wayne Residence by Molecule

The main house boasts complete traditional look

Wayne Residence by Molecule

The garage is designed to look exactly like the one in the movie

Wayne Residence by Molecule

Underground car garage hydraulically lifts up for a secret entrance

Wayne Residence by Molecule

Homeowner’s 12 expensive cars parked within the garage

Wayne Residence by Molecule

Illuminating ceiling highlights appearance of the garage


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