Wildfires in Western USA are Forcing People to Go for DIY Air Purifiers

Wildfires of the western United States are going out of control. Many residents are forced to evacuate their homes while air pollution is popping out as a gigantic problem in affected areas. As noted by CNN, the situation is so worse that the thick cloud of smoke is even reaching Northern Europe. In this crucial time, people in areas soaked in with smoke and ash are looking for air purifiers but there is an on-going shortage everywhere.

Air purifiers are already in high demand because of COVID-19 and these wildfires have made the situation even worse. People can’t wait to make their homes more breathable filled with wildfire smoke and thus are trying for alternative ways. According to the report by VICE, the number of searches for “DIY air purifier” has gone up in the last month in Google Trends.

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People of the western US are taking interest in DIY air purifiers but how effective they are, remains a question? Some scientists are claiming a DIY air purifier to be 90-percent effective but there are varied instances. You can check out the full story at VICE.

Also, watch the video below to learn how to make an affordable air purifier using an ordinary fan and an air filter.

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