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The World: Largest private Cruise Ship you can permanently live on

Cruise ship you can live on

If you dream of traveling the world without leaving home, The World, largest private Cruise Ship is the place to be. Being on the ship, you own one of only 165 residences onboard and get to cruise around the world in your own globe-trekking luxury home. The World is largest private residential cruiser designed in 2002 to serve as a residential community, owned by the residents who live onboard as it continuously circumnavigates the globe. The cruise has 106 apartments, 19 studio apartments, and 40 studios, accumulating to 165 residences in total, which are occupied by residents on the ship who can decorate their apartments personally.
Cruise ship you can live on

Alongside the luxury oozing residences, the ship has a supermarket and six restaurants to mimic the city life for its residents. The World is outfitted with a team of industry experts to provide guests and residents an unparalleled experience both on and off the ship. Besides taking care of your stay, the experts onboard indulge in engaging activities (along the way) to inform, discuss and educate people about various cultures, history, environment, flora and fauna. We aren’t really sure of the price for acquiring one of the residences on The World, but if guessing be the way, we can bet a few million dollars it is.

Cruise ship you can live on

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