World's First Rotating Treehouse by Ethan Schlussler

World’s First 360-Degree Rotating Treehouse by Ethan Schlussler

For Ethan Schlussler (of Grind Hard Plumbing), building a treehouse is not just about putting together a cozy place high above the ground amidst the dense wilderness. He is a master craftsman when it comes to building treehouses which are unparalleled for their unique mechanism. Otherwise, who in this world (other than Ethan) would have thought of making a 360-degree rotating treehouse.

360-Degree Rotating Treehouse 

Yes, a complete 360-degree rotating treehouse which gives guests onboard a panoramic view of the surroundings. The idea behind this two-story treehouse is to give the man at helm freedom to move a complete circle in any direction to view the glorious naturescape. And mind you, this is the world’s one and only rotating treehouse which speaks volumes about its uniqueness. 

Rotating Mechanism

The rotating mechanism takes advantage of the gears (transferring rotary motion from one shaft to the other) salvaged from bikes and gearbox of old cars to turn the treehouse by simply rotating the steering wheel. The complex network of gears, shafts and chains that rotate makes the treehouse go in a full circle.

Treehouse Support Structure

The rotating treehouse is supported by the tree from the roof, having a top-down structural design approach. Even the interiors have been built inside-out, because of the top-down design. Simply because the treehouse rotates around the tree trunk, building it with bottom support was impossible. 

Ethan made this treehouse a couple of years ago with help from his friend, and it’s the fourth treehouse he has ever built. Somehow, this one didn’t get the interiors done completely, only the exterior skeletal is done. That, however, is going to change in the future, according to Ethan.   

For now, the two-story treehouse has its basic structure in place, and Ethan plans to incorporate a small bathroom on the lower level. The bedroom will be on the second level.

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Just imagine setting the face of the treehouse to bask in the glorious sunrise and then rotate it 180-degrees to witness the majestic sunset!

By the way, Ethan also found an alternative use for the rotating treehouse – to cut trees the easy way. Watch the video that follows to learn more.

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