Worlds most expensive chocolate

World’s Most Expensive Chocolate ‘Trinity – Truffles Extraordinaire’ Costs 4.3 Lakh/kg

Diversified group ITC Ltd. has launched the world’s most expensive chocolate, which is priced at Rs 4.3 lakh (approximately $6,000) per kilogram. ITC introduced new range under its luxury chocolate brand Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates that has presented the limited edition range chocolate, ‘Trinity – Truffles Extraordinaire’.

Fabelle’s ‘Trinity – Truffles Extraordinaire’ is co-curated by France’s Michelin Star Chef Philippe Conticini and Fabelle’s Master Chocolatier. This new chocolate range is entered in Guinness World Records as the world’s most expensive chocolate.

The main ingredient of the Le Madeline au Truffle is the rare French Perigord truffle, which is what gives it the exorbitant price tag of $250 per piece.

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The new luxury chocolate range is available in three variants – Creator, Nurturer and Destroyer – and brings together unique ingredients from across the globe.

One variant is made of toasted coconut ganache infused with rare Tahitian vanilla beans. Another contains a blend of Ghana dark chocolate and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, which is one of the ‘most expensive and sought after chocolate in the world’. The third variant comprises St Dominique dark chocolate sourced from the west.

The limited edition chocolate will come in a hand-made wooden box that will contain 15 truffles, each weighing approximately 15 grams. The made-to-order box will cost Rs 1 lakh (approx. $1,400) including taxes.


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