Xtend & Climb Telescoping Aluminum Ladder

A heavy-duty telescoping ladder used by most serious DIY-ers, the Xtend & Climb Telescoping Aluminum Extension Ladder opens by the foot to 15.5 feet, which makes it one of the tallest telescoping ladder out there. Ideal for the highest and hardest task, the ladder is also easy to carry and transport since it can retract down to 36.5-inches at the smallest.

Compact and portable is a great alternative to traditional extension ladders. It is lightweight enough to be carried by one hand, and given its smallest size when retracted, it can easily fit in the front or the boot of a truck. If your dad or someone else in your life loves to do around the house jobs by himself/herself, this ladder makes a substantial gift.

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Xtend+Climb telescoping ladder is made from aerospace engineered 6061 alloy and comes with red and green safety indicators, it lets the user know if the ladder is locked in place and is safe to climb. Its non-slip end caps hold the ladder firmly in one place while you’re on it.

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