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YO! Home: 800 sq ft apartment transforms into full-size home on touch of a button

Have you ever been tricked by the interiors of a house, well, I wasn’t until I came across a video showing the YO! Home – an eight hundred odd sq ft area (size of a one room apartment) transformed into a complete apartment for a luxury oriented family. Conceived and designed by Simon Woodroffe, the Yo! Home was launched at 100% Design and is a pioneering living space which visions to transform the way we live today. Yo! Home is all about twelve moving parts drawing on mechanics of stage scenery to allow a 861 square foot living space to be transformed into a much larger, integral home. On the press of a button, Simon shows how on a press of a button a master bedroom suite elevates to reveal a sunken sitting room, or how this little space transforms into a home containing a second bedroom, a cinema, dining room, office space, a kitchen, bathroom, a wine cellar and a room to party. Hit the jump to see for yourself in the video.

Via: HomeAdore

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