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Zerhunt Pet Water Fountain

Zerhunt Pet Water Fountain is a 2L capacity pet fountain and water feeder, which is the best choice for cats that love to travel with their owners. Made from food grade BPA free plastic, the Pet Water Fountain is completely non-toxic, durable and odorless. It comes with a replaceable activated carbon filter, to ensure your cat drinks the cleanest possible water every time.

From its 2L capacity tank, the Zerhunt cat water fountain pushes only filtered water to the surface. With water running to the surface in three different flow settings – flower waterfall, bubble or gentle fountain mode, the cat is at all times encouraged to drink more water.

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The Zerhunt Pet Water Fountain filters calcium and magnesium from the water stored in it. Removal of these minerals is essential since they accumulate in cat’s lower urinary tract and over time leads to urinary tract diseases, which are a common health problem in cats.

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