Zombie Coffee Mug

Zombie Mugs Could End Monday Morning Hangover

Getting over gloomy Monday morning hangover is one of the most difficult tasks for most of us. But creative pottery artist Kevin “Turkey” Merck has come up with a fun solution in the form of coffee mugs that resemble undead creatures or zombies. A high school teacher by profession, Kevin’s interest for pottery had made him learn the art from his best friend’s dad, Wayne Hewell, who is a 5th generation Master Potter.

For creating these handmade cups out of clay and epoxy resin, he takes out time every evening and on Saturdays. Made in small batches the custom-glazed, fully-functional mugs are fashioned with zombie art to create an eerie effect. Further, they are adorned with stoneware and coated with food-safe glaze. According to Merck, the mugs can withstand a fire of up to 2200-Fahrenheit temperature to ensure its functionality, durability and are also safe to drink from.

All cast mugs being dishwasher and microwave safe give you plenty of cleaning and heating option. But still, Merck recommends opting for gentle hand washing after use. Currently sold out, the next limited edition release is scheduled for February 2016.

Priced at $220 per mug, the mugs are designed to offer safe delivery and for additional safety- the zombie mugs are double boxed with extra bubble wrap and air pillows.

Zombie Coffee Mug

Hand-crafted mug fashioned with zombie art

Zombie Coffee Mug

Made from stoneware and coated with food-safe glaze

Zombie Coffee Mug

Mugs are both dishwasher and microwave safe

Zombie Coffee Mug

Kevin Merck is a high school teacher by profession

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