Deer Head Bookshelf by beDesign

Deer Bookshelf by BeDesign is an artistic way to hold your books

Bookshelf is an essential furniture in any household, since it serves as storage space for not just books, but various other small items. Besides holding your books, magazines and other accessories in a proper place, Bookshelves also add to the room’s décor. We have come across different bookshelves, in shape of a tree branch and with modular characteristics that enhances the aesthetics in a very unusual way. Today, we have yet another impressive bookself called the Deer Bookshelf designed by Finnish brand BeDesign, which stands like an artwork on the wall.

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Deer Head Bookshelf by beDesign

As the name suggests, the Deer Bookshelf draws inspiration from wild deer. This geometric bookshelf takes shape of the face of a wild deer with antlers, while their gentle character is represented by the outstanding appearance of the shelf. It is available in solid oak wood as well as in a metallic finish, both of which come in two different sizes, small and large. The majestic piece of art, the Deer Bookshelf will look fantastic on your wall and will be a great storage, display for your books, magazines and artifacts.

This stunning bookshelf can give a sculptural appearance to any  plain or patterned walls of your room and can be purchased here for $3770.

Deer Head Bookshelf by beDesign

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