While decorating your living room, you need to lay down a thorough plan beforehand. From seating furniture and coffee tables to curtains and rugs, you need to plan and choose everything carefully and according to the theme of your interiors.

Paying heed to every item is essential, especially to coffee tables because they are one of the most common furniture items used by homeowners but often underestimated. They sit in the most important and visible place of your living room, hence it is important to pick one that goes well with your living room decor. They become even important due to their ability to serve as a functional centerpiece.

The right choice has the ability to transform the overall appeal of your living room. Truth be told – variety in design, size, and materials make it difficult to make the right decision. To simplify this, here is a list of the best coffee tables (in no particular order) that are durable, aesthetically pleasing and well in line with the popular interior design trends.

Acrylic Coffee Table

Made of 3/4″ clear thick clear acrylic, this acrylic coffee table creates the illusion of open space with transparent silhouette and clean lines. The curved edges add a unique statement, making it completely different from other tables available in the market. Furthermore, its transparent design ensures a dynamic presence without creating a permanent visual residency.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: SouthEastFlorida
  • Dimensions: 44L x 16W x 16H inch
  • Weight: 35 lbs

Price: $399

Image: Etsy/southeastflorida
Image: Etsy/southeastflorida

Scandinavian Coffee Table

Simple and modern, this Scandinavian-style coffee table will pair well with both modern and traditional interior styles. With a handcrafted wooden top and legs, the coffee table becomes an attention-grabbing centerpiece for any living room. These tables can be crafted out of walnut, cherry or maple. They are finished with an oil + wax finish.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Crafted Glory Design
  • Dimensions: 40L x 25W x 16H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $1,500

Image: Etsy/craftedglorydesign
Image: Etsy/craftedglorydesign

Classic Walnut Coffee Table

This beautiful table is made from reclaimed walnut hardwood that boasts natural grain patterns and color. has tapered legs for a classic mid-century, rustic-modern style. The tabletop is slightly thinner for a streamlined look and airy design. Blending organic and linear forms, it creates a nice relationship between art and furniture.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Port Rhombus
  • Dimensions: 36W x 18D x 16H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $295

Image: Etsy/Port Rhombus

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

This Mid Century Modern coffee table finished with white trim creates a pretty palette that will make it a centerpiece at home. Its angled legs complete the look. The simple appearance and inviting silhouette are some of its creative design elements. If you have a deep obsession with mid-century modern design, this is a fantastic choice.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: VybeFurniture
  • Dimensions: 40W x 15D x 18H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $430

Image: Etsy/VybeFurniture

Steel and Pine Wood Coffee Table

This chic rustic coffee table has a pinewood top and black steel pipe legs. This combination offers a rustic industrial vibe that makes it a true statement piece for the living area. It also has a lower shelf for storage, baskets, books, or any other items.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: SteelandPine
  • Dimensions: 36L x 22.5W x 18H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $215

Image: Etsy/SteelandPine

Metal Coffee Table

Made by award-winning furniture and product designers from London, this contemporary coffee table creates a flow of conversation and brings good vibes. It is practical as well as minimalist and caters to your needs. It is ideal for those wanting to add metal accents to the living room.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: BentDesignFurniture
  • Dimensions: 23D x 35W x 12H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $755

Image: Etsy/BentDesignFurniture
Image: Etsy/BentDesignFurniture

Leather Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table

It is a multifunctional furniture piece that serves as an ottoman, footstool or stylish coffee table. The nailhead trim and tufting give great detail to the table. Its neutral color pallet would suit any interior space and is safe for a home with kids – owing to its rounded design.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Design59Furniture
  • Dimensions: 30 inches round by 17.5 inches tall
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $280

Image: Etsy/Design59Furniture
Image: Etsy/Design59Furniture

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Table

This unique handmade coffee table standing on cool hairpin legs with a chevron pattern can make any setting pop. Every piece of wood in the tabletop is colored differently to create a quirky charm. It will bring salvage style to any living room.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: OceanBeachPalletCo
  • Dimensions: 35L x 19W x 18H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $325

Image: Etsy/OceanBeachPalletCo
Image: Etsy/OceanBeachPalletCo

Live Edge Coffee Table

Live edge tables may appear heftier than you expect and if you are looking for a live edge coffee table that does not look big in size, this classic coffee table with a 2″ walnut, live-edge slab top and hairpin steel legs is a great choice for you. It is finished with bio-oils and hand-rubbed beeswax. The wood grain and finish are amazing!

  • Designer/Manufacturer: OURHOOD
  • Dimensions: 47L x 12W x 19.7H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $249

Image: Esty/OURHOOD

Farmhouse-Style Coffee Table

Made from reclaimed barn wood, this farmhouse coffee table will be a rustic yet sophisticated addition to any living room. The clean lines, muted colors, wood highlights of this bench are reminiscent of Scandinavian design. It would address both the space and the style concerns.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: GrindstoneDesign
  • Dimensions: 44L x 16W x 19H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $496

Image: Etsy/GrindstoneDesign

Modern Coffee Table

This stunning modern coffee table with a natural wood top and white legs adds a perfect color mix to the living room. Being made from solid maple wood construction, the table is built to last. It’s functional and a piece of art at the same time.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: TheAppelShop
  • Dimensions: 35L x 17H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $340

Image: Etsy/TheAppelShop
Image: Etsy/TheAppelShop

Wooden Coffee Table with LED Lights

Designed by designer Salvatore Cannata, the EVO coffee table is distinguished by a double overlapped top – one made of solid paulownia wood and the other in plywood. There is a wireless controller and LED RGB strip in different colors to elevate the atmosphere. Elegant style with pleasing illumination, this table is as gorgeous as it is functional.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: TavoliCannata
  • Dimensions: 39D x 23W x 14H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $425

Image: Etsy/TavoliCannata
Image: Etsy/TavoliCannata

Kinsella Coffee Table with Storage

This industrial-style coffee table combines rustic pine wood with gray-finished metal elements for an industrial style aesthetic. There is also a storage shelf to display trays, magazines, and books, etc. One needs to assemble/attach the legs and bottom shelf of the coffee table before use, which can be done using an Allen wrench and a screwdriver.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Coastal Farmhouse
  • Dimensions: 18H x 48L x 24W inch
  • Weight: 51.32 lbs

Price: $260

Image: Wayfair
Image: Wayfair

Lamantia Lift-top Table

Modern and fashionable, this rectangular lift-top coffee table is made of manufactured wood in a classic black finish. It has a hinged top used to lift up the top to create a spacious work surface, while also revealing hidden storage. There’s also a partitioned lower shelf ideal for storing your favorite books and other things.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Three Posts
  • Dimensions: 19.02H x 41.1W x 19.45D inch
  • Weight: 69 lbs

Price: Starts at $266

Image: Wayfair
Image: Wayfair

Woven Rattan Coffee Table

If you tend towards nature, this unique coffee table crafted from rattan Kudu and cotton would make a great choice for you. This table boasts a round shape and a rugged natural charm. The natural grey finish is supposed to work well in Oceanside houses and bohemian bungalows. It is a unique piece of furniture perfect to add texture to a living room and will provide additional storage.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Safavieh
  • Dimensions: 28.5D x 28.5W x 17H inches
  • Weight: Approx. 20 lbs

Price: $237

Image: Amazon

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Coffee Table

This is a gorgeous piece of upcycled furniture, ideal to bring industrial essence into a living space. The patina of the wood is really gorgeous. The pallet wood is cleaned, sanded, and varnished with beeswax for a cool and rustic look. Standing on four vintage-style hairpin legs, it can also be used as a TV stand in no time. There’s also a shelf to store things such as magazines and vinyl records.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: SussexWoodFurniture
  • Dimensions: 18L x 15W x 12/16H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $233

Image: SussexWoodFurniture/Etsy
Image: SussexWoodFurniture/Etsy

Arkelstorp Coffee Table

Ikea is known for affordable flat-pack furniture and this coffee table from its Arkelstorp collection is great if you want furniture with expanding properties in your living room. It features a pinewood top with hinged edges that can be dropped down to adjust the space according to your needs. There’s also a drawer and a separate shelf to store your daily stuff.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Ikea
  • Dimensions: 20.6W x 7H x 28L inch
  • Weight: 39 lbs

Price: $250

Image: Ikea
Image: Ikea

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Wine Barrel Table with Glass Top

Made out of a solid oak wine barrel, this coffee table features a glass top with space for displaying a collection of corks. The barrel is finished with three coats of furniture lacquer for an eye-catchy look that lasts longer.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Alpine Wine Design
  • Dimensions: 20.5 (tall) x 27 (round) inch (Glass diameter = 30 inch)
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $600

Image: Alpine Wine Design/Etsy
Image: Alpine Wine Design/Etsy

Beckfield Coffee Table

Fusing industrial style with function, the Beckfield coffee table can be an attention-grabbing centerpiece in any home. Set atop a four-wheel caster base, its metal frame in a black finish goes well with the pinewood tabletop. There is also a lower shelf that can be used to keep magazines, newspapers, and other daily use items.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Trent Austin Design
  • Dimensions: 17H x 52W x 32D inch
  • Weight: 117 lbs

Price: $1,040

Image: Wayfair
Image: Wayfair

Boxy 27 Glass Coffee Table

This handcrafted round glass table with a unique mid-century wooden base is a real stunner. It comes in varied choices for wood and finishes. The table is shipped in one piece so no assembly is required by customers. It marries a modern and traditional look flawlessly.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: WoodArchitecture
  • Dimensions: 18H x 27L x 27W inch
  • Weight: 20 lbs

Price: $795

Image: WoodArchitecture/Etsy
Image: WoodArchitecture/Etsy

Cheswick Swivel Coffee Table

Crafted of glossy lacquered MDF finished in different hues, this distinctive coffee table consists of three tiers that swivel into different compositions to create a new display every time. The middle level also includes a storage compartment. It is distinguished by its simple and clean lines, creating a modern yet classic aesthetic appeal.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Wade Logan
  • Dimensions: 12.5H x 35.5W x 35.5D inch
  • Weight: 108 lbs

Price: $1,280

Image: WayFair
Image: Wayfair

Nathan James Nesting Coffee Table

It is a set of three decorative coffee tables featuring a classy round shape and laser-engraved top. Place these stacking tables together or use separately – it’s upon you. They are perfect to add mid-century modern essence to your space.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Nathan James
  • Dimensions: 34x22x17 inches, 22x16x19 inches
  • Weight: 25 lbs

Price: $160

Image: Amazon

Live Edge Wood River Table

These days, people are widely opting for live edge furniture for its uniqueness, warmth, and character. If you looking to buy one, this oval-shaped live edge coffee table is a cool choice for you. It is handcrafted from two slabs of hand-carved walnut with clear and blue resin inlay that look like a meandering river.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: CreativityCraftPL
  • Dimensions: 60 cm width and 55 cm leg height
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $218

Image: Etsy/CreativityCraftPL

Inlay Coffee Table

This one-of-a-kind coffee table features handcrafted inlay work of art done as per ancient heritage and traditions in India. Its rounded top is inlaid in an exotic floral pattern. Each piece of wood is skillfully carved and affixed into a wooden top to make the intricate vine motif. The table can be folded for easy storage, without any tools.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: BoneInlayOnly
  • Dimensions: 20W x 20H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $575

Image: Etsy/BoneInlayOnly
Image: Etsy/BoneInlayOnly

Wood Spool Table

This unique coffee table is made from electrical cable reel spools and has hairpin legs made of steel. The tables are hand-sanded smooth, stained and sealed with a clear polyurethane layer. Each spool has different imperfections which add a lot of personality and character to the table. It comes with separate legs and marks on the bottom of the table for easy installation.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: MidwestWooderness
  • Dimensions: 20 inches diameter by 14 inches tall
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $185

Image: Etsy/MidwestWooderness
Image: Etsy/MidwestWooderness

Vintage Wood Crate Coffee Table

This Zoria crate coffee table with metal dividers will add industrial-style essence to any living room. Vintage crates are repurposed as drawers. It features a tabletop made of 100 years old Barn wood. There are no knobs but can be installed additionally to facilitate an easier pull.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: The Crate People
  • Dimensions: 54L x 24W x 17H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $1,100

Image: Etsy/The Crate People
Image: Etsy/The Crate People

Antique Chinese Coffee Table

Made from core of Elm wood with beautiful wood grain, this antique Chinese Kang Table is handcrafted by using Ming Furniture workmanship of “Round Wrapped Round” Style. The legs of the table are used in one single plank of elm wood and the sides are also intricately carved for a stunning look. It is structured with wooden pegs and a tenon structure.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: AntiqueByZRM
  • Dimensions: 19D x 31W x 9.5H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $699

Image: Etsy/AntiqueByZRM
Image: Etsy/AntiqueByZRM

Concrete Table

Made from cement and recycled Styrofoam, these chromatic side tables are lightweight, durable and stain-resistant. They are perfect to add a pop of color into any space. Combine one of these to serve as a coffee table.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: CraftsManhattan
  • Dimensions: 16D x 16W x 19H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $475

Image: Etsy/CraftsManhattan

Marble Coffee Table

This elegant table made of solid oak or walnut features a marble top. It has wheels which makes it easy to move around the house. There are drawers and space below the top that can also be used to keep remotes, coasters, magazines, etc.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: Habitables
  • Dimensions: 23.6D x 39.4W x 9.1H inch
  • Weight: 121 lbs

Price: $3,061

Image: Etsy/Habitables

Driftwood Coffee Table

Made by Duff Powell, the main aesthetic of this table is the rugged-look wood it is made of. It is made from driftwood discovered from the coast of Maine and the surrounding Islands. The table is absolutely stunning and a great centerpiece for a modern-coastal style living room! It is a large table that shouldn’t be moved once placed.

  • Designer/Manufacturer: DriftwoodTreasures
  • Dimensions: 18D x 34W x 16H inch
  • Weight: N/A

Price: $252

Image: Etsy/DriftwoodTreasures
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