What do you like the most about Halloween? For most of us, it’s the time of the year when we utilize our holidays and DIY skills to decorate homes in the creepiest way possible. Halloween decorations are not limited to Jack-o’-lanterns, costumes, and devil-inspired recipes; it also includes Halloween wreaths and props that are a simpler way to decorate home for Halloween.

You’ll find thousands of spooky Halloween wreaths in the market but making one yourself is also a good option. You just need some creative inspiration and DIY skills since it isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Here are some of the coolest DIY Halloween wreath ideas that’ll bring out your inner DIY-er and will help take your home decoration to a whole new level.

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Spider Wreath Ideas

How can you leave spiders out of home décor for Halloween? You need all scary creatures to elevate the holiday vibe. Here are a few spider wreaths you can pull off easily.

Spiders on a Berry Wreath

It is an easy DIY spider wreath that can be made with the following steps. Grab a white berry wreath from a craft store near you, some spiders of various sizes, and a fake spider web. Drape the berry wreath with a spider web and install the crawling creature all over it. There you go. Your spider wreath with so many spiders and spider eggs is ready to spook out the home comers.

Image: Pink Peppermint Design

Creepy Spider Wreath

It is a fun Halloween craft you can make using yarn and a Styrofoam wreath. Wrap black yarn around a wreath base. Use small balls for eyes and large yarn pieces as legs of the spider.

Image: 30 Minute Crafts

Grapevine Spider Wreath

Weave up white yarn through and across a grapevine wreath, creating a spider web in the center. Attach wood letters and it is good to go.

Image: Chicken Scratch NY

Climbing Spider Wreath

A climbing spider is the centerpiece of this DIY Halloween wreath. As soon as you step near it, its all-black silhouette reveals the secret of the wreath that it is covered in countless creepy spiders.

Image: Just Crafty Enough

Yarn Ball Easy Wreath

Take a wreath form and a few foam balls. Wrap them both in orange and black yarn and glue to the wreath. One of these yarns can also be used to create a spider. The spider legs can be made from half-cut pipe cleaners. Glue it onto your wreath and it’s ready to decorate the front door.

Image: Pretty Providence

Spider Halloween Wreath Using Cotton

Imagine your guests being welcomed by creepy spiders on the front door! I think nobody likes spiders and their cobwebs but they are perfect to give your entrance an eerie look on Halloween. To create a DIY spider Halloween wreath, you’ll need a styrofoam wreath, tulle fabric, cotton, faux cobwebs, and plastic spiders.

It starts with wrapping the wreath form with cotton followed by tulle fabric. Now arrange the cobweb and plastic spiders around the wreath and your spider Halloween wreath is ready to use.

Images: The TipToe Fairy

Spider Halloween Wreath with Skeletons

You’ll need a wreath form, white cloth, fake spiders, and small skeletons to make this wreath. Wrap the wreath form in strips of white cloth and glue up fake spiders throughout. One or more skeletons sitting on the center of the wreath will add creepiness to the wreath.

Image: Finding Home Farms

Wooden Spider Web Halloween Wreath

This is a wooden wreath, decorated with burlap and black spider web. If you are interested in making one, check out the full tutorial at The Melrose Family.

Image: The Melrose Family

Googly-Eyed Spider Wreath

Take a wreath frame and wrap it with a black felt. Cut out legs of a spider from felt and add giant googly eyes to make this cool and creepy spider wreath.

Image: Mama in the Now

Raven Halloween Wreath Ideas

Since ravens symbolize death and bad spirits, they create a perfect Halloween accent. If you’re looking for quick and easy DIY Halloween decorations that look elegant yet have a creepy element, you can try making raven wreaths at home.

DIY Raven Wreath

You’ll need a wreath frame and 8-10 faux blackbirds to glue up on the wreath. Make sure to glue up all the birds pointing to the center of the wreath. 

Image: Halloween Culture

Burlap Raven Wreath

You can easily create a wreath using black burlap and a stuffed raven toy. Just wrap the strips of burlap around the wreath, decorate it with a fake raven and you’re ready to hang it on your front door.

Don’t worry about the stuff you need, the market near you is already rambling in the Halloween craze. So you will be able to find all the items at your nearest craft store.

Image: Embellish

Halloween Raven Wreath in Pretty Colors

Make a Halloween wreath with a foam wreath, colored fabric, spider web, and a fake raven. Cut a colored bandana into thin strips and wrap it around the wreath form. Glue up the raven to the top of the wreath and add some fabric flowers and spider web to complete its look.

Image: Crafts n Coffee

Wooden Raven Wreath

This raven Halloween wreath can be crafted using upcycled and salvaged items. You’ll need a round wooden frame, tree branch, and a fake raven. Simply color the frame, attach the tree branch, glue up the raven, and hang it with a thin strip of cloth.

Image: 4onemoreDIY

Halloween-Edgar Allen Poe Wreath

How about using an old book for a Halloween wreath? Simply take a Styrofoam wreath and glue up rolled pages to it. Finally, add a fake raven to achieve the creepy look.

Image: Gwen Moss

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Halloween Bug Wreath Ideas

If your kids are afraid of creepy bugs and cockroaches, you can make Halloween bug wreaths to help them overcome their fears. Have a look at some cool ideas below.

White Bugs Wreath

Buying plastic insects isn’t difficult, neither is sticking them to a wreath. Paint the entire wreath in white, black or any other color of your choice and your bug wreath is ready.

Image: What These Walls Would Say

Plastic Bug Wreath

Attach plastic bugs on a styrofoam wreath and decorate with a French bow layered with an orange ribbon. It is a cool last-minute Halloween craft anyone can make easily.

Image: BHG

Creepy-Crawly Bug Halloween Wreath

Take a grapevine wreath and decorate it with moss. Now just weave in some black-painted centipedes, worms, and a snake.

Image: Martha Stewart

Gilded Bug Halloween Wreath

Take a grapevine wreath and spray paint it black. Add glittery golden-painted bugs to give this Halloween wreath an eerie appeal.

Image: On My Honor

DIY Snake Wreath Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration to make a wreath wriggling with snakes, then you are at the right place. Keep reading:

Creepy Wreath

A mere look at this creepy DIY Halloween snake wreath will give you goosebumps. It is fairly easy to make and would look perfect at the front door. You need a grapevine wreath, black spray paint, and a few plastic snakes of different sizes. The build process isn’t complicated – you just need to spray paint the base wreath and snakes in black to make the final wreath look creepy.

Image: Rosemary on the TV

Golden Snake Halloween Wreath

You’ll need toy snakes and a wreath form to make this golden snake wreath. Wrap a black ribbon around the wreath form, securing it with floral pins. Now take the toy snakes painted in golden color and paste them on the wreath facing in different directions.

Image: boxy colonial

Scary DIY Snake Wreath

It’s a quick DIY you can try out for spooky Halloween decor. All you need is a dry grapevine wreath and a few plastic snakes. Attach the snakes with some wreath ornaments, spray paint them black and your creepy Halloween wreath is ready.

Image: Pink Fortitude

All Black Snake Wreath

Take a random wreath and glue two or more plastic snakes on either side. You’ll need longer snakes for this project. Once complete, the wreath will look intimidating.

Image: Okio B Designs

Rat Halloween Wreath Ideas

Abandoned houses with mysterious noises of rats can scare anybody. Give your home a similar kind of haunted appeal with a wreath made using black toy rats. I am pretty sure a rat Halloween wreath will scare anyone with musophobia.

Rats on a Wreath

A frame of a tinsel wreath, creepy cloth, cobwebs, and plastic toy rats are needed to make this scary Halloween wreath. Before gluing up the plastic rats, spray paint every part of the wreath in black – the color of horror, and add cobwebs.

Image: Dream a Little Bigger

DIY White Rat Wreath

Take some plastic rats and a grapevine wreath to make this rat wreath in a few minutes. You’ll need to attach fake rats and spray paint the entire wreath and rats in white.

Image: Dans le Lakehouse

 Halloween Rat Wreath

A not-so-scary DIY Halloween wreath, this will surely impress your kids. Use a styrofoam wreath, a strip of white scrap fabric, and yarn rats to make this one.

Image: Fynes Designs

Red-Eyed Rat Halloween Wreath

You’ll need to wrap a wreath frame with a black and bloody gauze table runner and attach red-eyed rats for a horrific rat wreath.

Image: Tiny Paper Cuts

Feathered Halloween Wreath

You’ll need to attach black feathers to a wreath frame and place a little black plastic rat with a hat in the center on a black wreath finished with a white ribbon.

Image: Faeries & Fauna

DIY Cat Wreath Ideas

Black cats are cute but they are steeped in superstition too, making them perfect for inclusion in Halloween decorations. If you’re looking for not-so-scary Halloween decorations, this one is for you.

Yarn Cat Wreath

This DIY cat Halloween wreath will definitely look cool when placed alongside jack-o-lanterns, small pumpkins, and candles. You can easily make a furry black cat Halloween wreath from black yarn and a wooden wreath form.

Image: Shaken Together Life

Crochet Black Cat Halloween Wreath

It’s a combination of crochet and other crafty elements. You’ll need a round foam wreath, cover it with a crocheted strip, and then decorate it with a crochet cat and spider. Find the detailed tutorial here.

Image: Repeat Crafter Me

DIY Cat-Inspired Halloween Mesh Wreath

A wire wreath, black mesh fabric, and fish skeleton cutouts will be required for this project. You’ll need time to craft foam shapes like paw prints, fish bones, and cat silhouettes. And some more time to stick them up in this sort of fab display.

Image: Petcha

DIY Witch Wreath Ideas

Halloween and witches go way back and it feels unfair to leave the wicked lady out of decoration for the spookiest day of the year. You can fashion a wicked witch wreath at home without much DIY skills, check below for few interesting ideas.

Witch Head Wreath

You will need a Styrofoam witch head, a grapevine wreath, some felt to make the hat, and some branches and foliage. Paint the witch in scary hues, craft a black witchy hat, and arrange all this on the grapevine wreath using a hot glue gun. You can also spice it up with frightening signs or warnings hanging next to the witch wreath.

Image: Made in a Day

DIY Witch Wreath

It is one of the best DIY Halloween wreaths our in-house team has made this year. First, the grapevine wreath base is covered with black ruffle and then witch legs and hat are cut from foam sheets. Finally. all the decorations are glued to the base wreath.     

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Halloween Witch wreath

Here’s one more with the wicked witch. For this DIY, you need some black mesh ribbons and a wire wreath form, a black hat, and felt to craft legs and boots. Make legs draped in striped black and green or yellow colored stockings and boots with buckles all made of felt.

Then, tie the mesh ribbons around the wire wreath making double loops. Once it looks fuller, you can attach the legs and the hat using glue and wire. Not scary enough, still a cute witchy wreath for Halloween.

Image: passion for savings

Witch Hat Frame Wreath

This spooky wreath requires a witch hat frame, black and white check decorative mesh, mini black ornaments, decorative ribbons, pipe cleaners, and some hot glue. You can either weld a few wires to make the witch hat frame or buy it from stores near you. The craft will take some effort and time, but the outcome will be totally worth it.

Image: The Answer is Chocolate

Flying Witch Halloween Wreath

This Halloween wreath can be made in just minutes. The main attraction is the witch’s broom made from twigs and the caption just above it. Perfect for front door decoration on Halloween.

Image: A Piece Of Rainbow
Image: Lolly Jane

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DIY Skull Halloween Wreaths

Honestly, I don’t like to keep it too scary, but if you do, try making a horrific skeleton wreath. It is ideal for people crazy for spine-chilling Halloween decor ideas.

Skull Wreath

It’s made from foam bones and skulls readily available in the market. You just need to glue them up in a fine circle and hang it on your front door to greet trick-or-treaters. Trust me it will scare each and every person who walks by your front door or the backyard fence.

Image: Mega Crafty

Graveyard wreath

Making a graveyard wreath is not so hard unless you have all the required items. You will need to secure moss or grass onto the grapevine wreath base using a wire and hot glue. Then comes the part of decorating it with skulls, skeletons, bats, etc.

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Grapevine Skeleton Halloween Wreath

Your Halloween decoration is not going to have a lasting impression on your neighbors if you are not decorating your yard with a skeletal wreath. It’s a superb idea that looks even scarier in the dark. This DIY Halloween wreath ornamented with bones and succulents will look amazing on a front door or fence. You can even add some text-printed stickers.

Image: Garden Club/HomeDepot

Grapevine Skeleton Wreath

Have a look at this black-painted grapevine wreath with a skeleton pinned to the center to create a ghostly effect at the front door on the occasion of Halloween.

Image: Etsy

Bone Halloween Wreath

Collect some chicken bones, clean them with hot water, and leave them to dry for a week. Now stick all the bones to a wreath form in a circular shape. Now, take an old portrait and place it in the center of the wreath for a creepy look. You can also add spider webs and other Halloween props to intensify the looks.

Image: The Art of Doing Stuff

Metallic Skeleton Wreath

Start by buying five miniature metal skulls, metal pipe, duct tape, hot glue, and a metal spray painting machine. To DIY the metal skull wreath, you need to attach five metal skulls using duct tape or hot glue to a wreath form made of metal pipe. Make sure you are laying the skulls in a circle.

Image: Tried & True

Skeleton Bride and Groom Wreath

If you are planning for a not-so-scary Halloween party, you can try making a skeleton bride and groom wreath. The idea of dressing up two skeletons like a real couple is cool. This looks funny rather than scary.

Images: Etsy

Wreath with Skull and Flowers

The human skull props are an essential item for Halloween decoration. Whether decorating your yard or living room, you can use them in different ways. You can also make a skull wreath without spending much. You can paint the skulls black or leave them intact for an original feel. When making a skull wreath, you can also use ribbons, feathers, cobwebs, and other Halloween props.

Image: The 36th Avenue

Black Skull Wreath

You’ll need styrofoam mini skulls, ribbon, and a metal tie wire to make this Halloween wreath. Just sew up all the skulls in the wire pointing toward the center and hang it using a ribbon for the festive mood.

Image: Tried & True

Not-So-Scary Floral Skull Wreath

You’ll need colored felt sheets, polystyrene skull, polystyrene wreath form and paints to color the skull in your own way. It is difficult to cut flowers and other patterned shapes, but you can do it for sure with some hit and trial.

Image: hobby craft

Glitter Skull Halloween Wreath

Spray painting and adding glitter to artificial skulls is also a good idea to add shining creepiness to your Halloween wreath and other home decorations.

Image: Les Petites Gourmettes

Spooky Skull Wreath

Displaying ribbons, fake skulls and other Halloween decorations on a foam wreath is easy. The horrific appeal of the skull nicely relates to the Halloween theme.

Images: Etsy

Halloween Wreath Made From Real Skull and Bones

Have a look at this Halloween wreath made entirely of real skulls and bones. Yes! DIY’ing one is in itself a scary idea. You can buy it directly from Katu Design’s Etsy shop for about $98. It looks horrible and will surely scare your Halloween guests’ guts out.

Image: Etsy

Painted Skull Wreath

Nothing says spooky more than a couple of skulls displayed on the front door. This painted skull wreath is not only spooky but beautiful as well. You’ll need mini plastic skulls, spray paints of your choice, wreath hoop form, and hot glue. You can check the tutorial for instructions.

Image: Oh So Lovely

Sugar Skull Wreath

This sugar skull wreath is perfect to add the Gothic mystique to your house for Halloween. Besides a laser-cut wooden sugar skull, there are a few things that are required for this craft including a pine wreath, a few ribbon flowers of various sizes, white ribbon, and hot glue.

Image: Darice

DIY Doll Wreath Ideas

DIYing a Halloween wreath using old dolls isn’t difficult. You can find several ideas below.

Scary Dolls Wreath

All you need is to create a base wreath using an old wire coat hanger and newspaper. You can ornament it with dolls, fake spiders and cobwebs, blood-colored paint, hair, grass, spiders, and lights to make it look scarier.

Image: Dream a Little Bigger

Creepy Doll Mobile Wreath

This is a super simple Halloween craft, for this, you’ll need to make dolls in a way so that they look creepy. A grapevine wreath will form the base where you can hook up some old dolls like they are really being hanged. Torn clothes, smoked faces, and gruesome eyes are some of the things you can use to embellish the dolls and make them look creepy. You can hang it like a chandelier inside your home or outside.

Image: EPBOT

Barbie Halloween Wreath

A couple of unused Barbie dolls, an LED string light, cardboard, glue, and a large-diameter hoop will do for this DIY Halloween project. You can also decorate the wreath with other action figures, toy cars, or even LEGO bricks, if you may.

Image: Instructables

Old Dolls Halloween Wreath

If you want to turn your home into a house of horrors that would make kids scream in fright, get inspired by this creepy doll wreath by Glances Back Vintage. Creepy dolls and their split-in-half parents with artificial red blood are really horrible to look at.

Image: Etsy

Creepy Doll Head Halloween Wreath

A Redditor has made this creepy doll head Halloween wreath using dollar store supplies. He covered a round wreath frame with a black ribbon and used a sparkly ribbon for decoration.

Image: Reddit/trashtray420

Ghost Baby Doll Halloween Wreath

Nothing is scarier than a Halloween wreath made with dead baby heads with glowing eyeballs covered in spiders. It will create a haunting scene at the front door.

Image: Reddit

Googly Eyeball DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

How about a Halloween wreath that seems to be watching you all the time? It’s a totally terrifying feeling when you are watching a movie with your family and guests, and all of a sudden you realize that you are being watched by evil eyes.

Eyeball Wreath

If you’re craving such a Halloween decoration, the wreath made from ping pong balls and Googly eyes is surely a great fit. You’ll need to create a straw wreath or anything you can create a loop with. Glue ping pong balls onto the wreath and stick Googly eyes all over them.

Image: No. 2 Pencil

Spooky Wreath

You’ll need a wooden wreath and plenty of googly eyes of different sizes. Paint the wreath in black and attach googly eyes all around. Decorate with a ribbon and some wording to complete the eyeball wreath.

Image: chica and jo

Monster Eye Halloween Wreath

It’s an affordable and easy Halloween craft made using fur and foam wreaths. Cover the wreath with fur and add a half-cut ball to the center as a monstrous eye. Now that is one intimidating wreath to put up on your front door to scare everyone stopping by.

Image: The Paper Mama

DIY Spooky Eyeball Wreath

You’ll need two flat wood wreath forms of different sizes. Now glue up eyeballs to each one. Decorate the wreath with a ribbon printed with spiders, bats, or bugs.

Image: My Computer is My Canvas

Halloween Monster Eye Wreath

If you’re looking for fun DIY Halloween wreath ideas, this one is for you. You’ll need a foam wreath, feather boas, floral pins, pipe cleaners, and wiggly eyes. Wrap the feather boas all around the base wreath and attach wiggle eyes to the wreath using pins. Hang it on your front door and let your guests admire your creation.

Image: Happy Go Lucky

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Wreath Ideas

A Jack Skellington face mask coupled with colorful ribbons and feathers can make a great Halloween decoration. Whether you choose to display it inside or outside your home, it will surely make an impressive statement. Here are a few ideas for your inspiration.

Jack Mask Wreath

Relish the chance to decorate your home with a Jack Skellington-inspired wreath. You can easily find the mask of this popular character and the rest depends on your creativity.

Images: Etsy

Jack Skellington Wreath

Made using paper and metal wire wreath base, this wreath features Jack Skellington’s face in the center, also drawn on a white sheet of paper. It is a quick wreath for the spooky season and you can have different variations of paper colors.

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Jack Skellington-Inspired Halloween Wreath

You can make this Jack Skellington-Inspired Halloween Wreath easily at home. Take a polystyrene wreath form and wrap it with black and white wool in a striped pattern.

Next, decorate it with cardboard cuttings flanked with creative patterns of wool, and finally make Jack’s head from a polystyrene ball. Lay out all the parts in an arrangement you love.

Image: Pretty52

Jack Skellington Yarn Wreath

Just a foam wreath with black and white yarn. Use fabric flowers and a foam ball painted with Jack’s face to decorate it.

Image: Thrifty Fun

Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath

The hardest part of making this wreath is wrapping the yarn around the wreath form in an appealing pattern. You can later decorate it with bones, skulls, and a Jack Skellington face for the Halloween look.

Image: YouTube/Some of This and That

Crochet Jack Skellington Wreath

If you are into knitting and crocheting, this idea is best suited for you. Find the complete tutorial here, and try it out.

Image: Love to be in Stitches

Jack Skellington Clothespin Halloween Wreath

The spooky character from The Nightmare Before Christmas embodies the true Halloween spirit. To make this Jack Skellington clothespin Halloween wreath grab a pizza pan, dozens of clothespins, glitter, ribbons, and hot glue. When you have it all, follow this procedure and you should have a decent prop ready.

Image: The Keeper of the Cheerios

Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Wreath Ideas

How would you react to seeing a glowing witch’s hand coming out of a wall? Well, the visual can shock anyone. Why not make something similar for Halloween?

Glowing Wreath

This DIY wreath studded with plastic bugs and a witch hand-painted in glow-in-the-dark spray paint is great for turning up your Halloween home decoration. You will need to attach a fake witch hand and creepy bugs to a grapevine wreath and then paint the whole prop in luminous paint or choose to just paint bugs and the witch hand.

Images: Practically Functional

DIY Halloween Glow Stick Wreath

It is a simple and easy Halloween DIY perfect for kids to make good use of the holidays to enhance their creativity. Just create round bangles by gluing up the ends of each glow stick and finally attach them in a round shape of a standard wreath.

Image: The Little Big

Glow-in-the-Dark Eyes Halloween Wreath

This adorable yet creepy wreath on your front door would be perfect to scare trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Create this fluffy wreath from feather boas and decorate it with googly eyes, filled with glow-in-the-dark powder.

Image: Resin Obsession

Bird’s Nest Halloween Wreath Ideas

Bored of traditional ghost and spider wreaths and want to try something different this Halloween? Make a wreath from abandoned bird nests, feathers, and grass rather than buying an artificial one from a store.

Bird’s Nest Wreath

You’ll need a grapevine wreath on which you have to secure the nests using thread or wire. Here’s a tutorial on how to make one. This Halloween wreath is simple but definitely an eye-catcher whether you have it on the front door or on a fence.

Image: Grit

Wood Bird Nest Wreath

It isn’t necessary to use real bird nests to make a wreath, you can make one easily with wooden slats or paint stir sticks. Stain the wood, lay out the wreath frame, and then carefully glue the wood piece around the wreath randomly. You can add wooden egg cutouts for a fancier look.

Image: Hunt & Host

Spring Wreath

It is a worthy DIY Halloween wreath idea to try this year. You’ll need a polystyrene wreath, jute twine, plastic eggs, straw, and artificial feathers. Cover up the polystyrene wreath with jute twine and then add a bird nest from a handful of straw or raffia. Use some fake eggs and feathers to jazz up the look.

Image: Kenarry

Bird’s Nest Burlap Rag Halloween Wreath

Use burlap and jute runners for this simple DIY project. Just cut the fabric into thin strips and tie it up onto a wreath frame. After the wreath is full, add some colored paper mache eggs for a charming appeal.

Image: Craft Warehouse

DIY Burlap Halloween Wreath Ideas

Here are a few DIY Halloween wreath ideas you can make using burlap.

Orange Burlap Wreath

This burlap wreath is simple to make, but it turns out as an elegant Halloween craft. You’ll need a wire/sponge wreath form, a strip of orange burlap fabric, and a ribbon of a dark shade. Just tie them up around the wreath one by one in a stylish pattern and you are ready to go. You can also attach skulls, skeletons, spiders, and other black Halloween decorations for added appeal.

Image: Erin Spain

Black Burlap Halloween Wreath

While making this lovely burlap wreath, the first task is to wrap a black burlap to a wire wreath forming small patterned loops. Its squarish shape makes it different from others. Hang with a glitter ribbon and Halloween decorations as per your preference.

Image: Craftaholics Anonymous

DIY Burlap Wreath

Wrap a wire wreath with thin strips of burlap and then with a highlighting orange ribbon. Decorate it with DIY sock pumpkins of different colors. This makes for a different kind of wreath design which is very appealing.

Image: ArtsyJess

Halloween Burlap Wreath

Take a wreath frame and wrap it in strips of burlap in a stunning pattern as described in the tutorial here. The pattern of folding the burlap is what makes this wreath stand out from the rest.

Image: Ann’s Entitled Life

Boo-tiful Burlap Wreath

It is an easy-to-build Halloween craft you can enjoy with your kids. Just cut small strips of black burlap and attach them around a black-painted foam wreath. Complete the Halloween fun by adding the letters, as seen below.

Image: Craftaholics Anonymous

Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

Burlap wreaths are versatile and can be crafted in different ways. If you like to go out of the box, you may fancy this one. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a burlap pumpkin wreath, go on and try making one.

Image: Grillo Designs

DIY Tulle Wreath Ideas

The idea of wrapping a wreath in tulle fabric gives surprisingly elegant results. It not only looks colorful but also creepy at the same time. It gives the appearance of a witch wearing a colorful dress and standing at your front door.

Tulle Witch Wreath

To achieve this, you must wrap a wreath form in different colors of tulle fabric. And then, add a witch hat and legs to give it some realistic touch. Here is the complete tutorial you can follow to build one.

Image: Overstuffed Life

Tulle Halloween Wreath

Just pick up a styrofoam wreath, black ribbon, and tulle to make this Halloween wreath. Cut the tulle fabric into similar-sized strips and then tie them around a wreath form, this will take most of your time in the project, but the result will be nothing less than colorful and scary.

Image: Our Best Bites

Tulle Skull Wreath

This Halloween wreath is made from black, grey, and white tulle fabric. The building process is easy – just tie black, white, and gray strips of tulle fabric on a wire form. Glue up a glittery skull in the center and a moderately frightening Halloween wreath is ready to be hung on your front door.

Image: Eighteen25

Tutu Halloween Wreath

First, wrap a foam wreath in black tulle, and then use tulle fabrics of different colors over it. Next up, add some letters or props to beautify the wreath.

Image: Busy Creating Memories

Black and Orange Tulle Halloween Wreath

Want to keep your party’s ambiance subtly vibrant with small and simple decorations? Consider crafting this tulle Halloween wreath. You’ll need a Styrofoam wreath, black ribbon, and glitter tulle in different colors. Cover the wreath neatly in colorful tulle and fabric strips, leaving no space uncovered.

Image: Overstuffed Life

All Black Tulle Wreath to go Above the Fireplace

This DIY Halloween wreath is made by wrapping strips of black tulle on a wreath form. The orange ribbon bow is an eye-catching addition to the wreath. It will look perfect hung over a fireplace mantel.

Image: Overstuffed Life

Turkey Tulle Wreath

You will need a foam wreath, brown yarn, and tulle fabric in different colors. Start by making a turkey head from a ball and then cover the wreath form with yarn followed by thin strips of tulle to make this tulle wreath.

Image: Busy Creating Memories

Lighted Tulle Wreath

You’ll need a Styrofoam wreath, battery-operated lights, and orange tulle. Cover the wreath in a light strip and later in orange tulle. Don’t forget to add some bats or other spooky Halloween ornaments.

Image: Crafty Morning

DIY Flower Wreath Ideas

Halloween is not all about ghostly decorations; this event is also popular for showcasing obnoxiously loud decorations in black and bright yellow colors. Check out some beautiful flower Halloween wreaths below.

Flower Bow Wreath

This giant flower bow wreath is made using differently–colored ribbons and murky artificial flowers. Building this wreath requires pro-level DIY skills; otherwise, you may turn it into an ugly decoration for the Halloween party.

Images: 7LayerStudio

Flower Wreath from old Lace Jacket

Wrap a wreath form in orange ribbon and later cover it with strips of an old lace jacket. The last thing is to make a flower from a ribbon and attach it to the wreath.

Image: Craftily Ever After

Glam Flower Wreath

Wrap a wreath frame in white linen and embellish with fabric flowers with lots of sparkles and pearls. Adding a small bat and some black roses will relate it to Halloween.

Image: Chalk & Chocolate

Felt Flower Halloween Wreath

You’ll need a foam wreath for the project. Craft some felt flowers and cover the wreath with them. Hang it on the front door using a bow made of black and white checkered fabric.

Image: infarrantly creative

Colorful Paper Flower Wreath

Just make a few paper flowers of different sizes and colors and attach them to a wreath form. It becomes even more interesting with the addition of a sugar skull. Sweet and scary!

Image: Bespoke Bride

Creepy Black Rose Wreath

You need a few bunches of faux black roses and a wire wreath form. Weave up the roses onto the wreath and attach your favorite props.

Image: the how to mom

Mickey Halloween Wreath, Little Scary More Cute

You’ll need a half-craft pumpkin and a grapevine wreath large enough to house the pumpkin. Just attach flowers to the wreath and place the pumpkin carved with Mickey’s face in the center.

Image: As The Bunny Hops

Paper Plates Flower Wreath

If you’re looking for a cool DIY Halloween wreath idea, this one is for you. You need a grapevine wreath and white paper plates. Craft flowers of different sizes following the tutorial here and glue them to the wreath.

Image: Blue Sky Confections

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Terracotta Pot Halloween Wreaths

The coolest thing about DIYing is that it gives you the freedom to add a personal touch to your creation. Making a spooktacular wreath from terracotta pots is just one fine example for succulent and plant enthusiasts.

Flower Pot Wreath

Use a grapevine wreath as the base and attach small terracotta pots, plastic bones, fake spiders, and skulls for a ghoulish appearance.

Image: Cristina Ferrare

DIY Flower Pot Wreath

This easy-to-make wreath is an apt DIY project for families. All you need is 2-3 small flower pots, moss, and a grapevine wreath to realize this project.

Image: The Enchanted Manor

DIY Succulent Wreath

You’ll need a wire wreath, clay pots, moss, succulents, foam balls, floral pins, paint and a floral wire. Items used and steps are similar to how you can make the terracotta pot wreath, except for the one little difference. For this one, you will need to whitewash the clay pots which would add a mysterious look to the wreath.

Image: Crafts by Courtney

Unique DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

If you are looking for some unusual Halloween wreaths that can totally amaze your neighborhood, the following wreaths can be just right for you. They are designed with different themes and materials. Whether you put them on the front door, side window, or on the wall of your living room, these homemade Halloween wreaths will add a scary yet sophisticated essence to your decor.

Maleficent Wreath

This DIY Halloween project is easy and can be prepared in minutes. You will need a base wreath and cover it with black cloth. The horns for Maleficent are cut from black glitter paper. The final touch to the wreath is given with a pink ribbon.

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Paper Bat Wreath

If you have good paper-cutting skills, you can do this Halloween decor project easily. The main task is to cut paper bats and stick them up on a metal wire base wreath.

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Pampas Grass Wreath

There are plenty of wild pampas varieties found in different regions that you can turn into a stylish wreath. If you have some around your place, try making a creepy wreath from it for Halloween décor. Just layer the pampas grass stalks in a spiral shape and spray paint it black. You can also add spooky touches with bats, spiders, or other festive props.

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Farmhouse-Inspired Halloween Wreath

Halloween wreath is an easy DIY project that anyone can do, especially using household items. You can make this one using a simple twig wreath and two fake crows. See the tutorial at twelve on the main.

Image: twelve on main

DIY Pumpkin Patch Wreath

Pumpkins play a big role in Halloween decor. You can make a cheerful wreath using tiny toy pumpkins. The black and white checkered bow will add festivity to the wreath.

Image: Thrifty Decor Chick

DIY Halloween Ornament Wreath

This Halloween wreath can be made using a base wreath and ornaments of different sizes and colors. Check out the tutorial and supplies to make one at WhereTheSmilesHaveBeen.

Image: WhereTheSmilesHaveBeen

Haunted House Halloween Wreath

Take a basic wreath form and decorate it with ribbons of different colors and ornaments. At last, you will need a haunted house prop that will stand in the center of the wreath.

Image: Ann’s Entitled Life

Recycled Plastic Trash Bag Wreath

You can make a good-looking Halloween wreath using a recycled trash bag and a wire wreath. Cut and tie strips of the trash bag as given at DIY Inspired and add decorations for a Halloween theme.

Image: DIY Inspired

DIY Paper Halloween Wreath

Make some cones using back paper and paste them onto a round cardboard piece. Adding a spider will relate it to  Halloween. Check out the tutorial for help.

Image: Blooming Homestead

Photo Frame Halloween Wreath

There are plenty of ways to craft fun and holiday-inspired wreaths, and this photo frame Halloween wreath is one of those quirky crafts. Aubree Originals has created a gorgeous wreath by utilizing an old photo frame and a few floral decorations, along with burlap and some hot glue.

Image: Aubree Originals

Pasta Boneyard Wreath

A fun activity to do with kids, this boneyard wreath is made out of differently-shaped pasta. Yes, that’s right! Paint the pasta white and attach them to a wreath cut out of lightweight cardboard. You can always throw in some googly eyes, bats, ghostly figures, and witches to enhance the spooky element.

Image: Happy Hooligans

Real Candy Corn Wreath

This delicious candy corn wreath should be tasty and fun to make. Grab a bag of candy corn, a Styrofoam wreath form, and some acrylic paint to paint it. Then glue the candies to the wreath one by one, until the entire wreath is covered in candy corn.

Image: Artsy Fartsy Mama

Monster Halloween Wreath

Inspired by Cookie Monster, this Halloween wreath is easy to make and welcomes the spooky aura of the holiday with gaiety. You’ll need a boxwood wreath, white card stock, scissors, glue, duct tape, and twine. Here is the full tutorial to guide you along the way.

Image: A Piece of Rainbow

Rustic Acorn Wreath

Who doesn’t know the acorn-obsessed saber-toothed squirrel, Scrat from the Ice Age movies? Well, after making this beautiful acorn wreath, you will become acorn-obsessed just like Scrat. Inspiring a rustic look, this wreath induces an invigorating fall feel, making it perfect for Halloween.

Image: Crafts Unleashed

Pinecone Monster Halloween Wreath

Pinecones are absolute darlings when it comes to making wreaths for the holiday season. They are cute, natural, and cost nothing. To make a pinecone monster wreath, paint the pinecones with the color of your choice and paste them on a foam wreath form. Finish with a pair of googly eyes, a couple of teeth, and decorative ribbons.

Image: Craftaholics Anonymous

Candy Halloween Wreath

Now, there is a peculiar wreath craft for you to try this holiday season. This wreath has candy-shaped foam cuttings, wrapped in different fabrics and pasted on a wreath form until it is entirely covered. Definitely, to create the aura of Halloween, this fake candy wreath is worth spending some time on.

Image: Make Life Lovely

Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

Just like Halloween, Easter is one of the kids’ favorite holidays, so why not create a wreath combining both? This plastic Easter egg wreath is so pretty, you would cherish it forever. Here is the full tutorial to help you through the making process.

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Cupcake Liner Wreath

The cupcake liner wreath is easy and fun to make. To make this bright-colored wreath, you’ll require a foam wreath form, dozens of cupcake liners in different prints, straight pins, and ribbons. You can check out the procedure here.

Image: Typically Simple

Poison Apple Halloween Wreath 

If you are not in favor of hanging creepy skeletons, tombstones and zombies around your home this Halloween, just have a look at this DIY wreath made from pine wreath, faux apples, and a paper mache hand. It reminds of the poisonous apple from the movie Snow White.

You can paint a creepy face on apples or have an artificial hand that holds the poisoned apple in the middle of the wreath, the choice is yours.

Image: Crafts Unleashed

Creepy Bats Halloween Wreath

Wood sticks can be arranged into a beautiful Halloween wreath. Just form a circle of twigs and then add another layer to make it look like a wreath. Add decorations as per your preference.

Image: Pocket of Posies

Asylum Halloween Wreath

How about a wreath inspired by lunatic asylum and flanked with creepy sliced fingers with red blood stains? It is an incredibly creative Halloween idea to scare kids and adults alike. It may look difficult to make but can be crafted easily using minimum materials and tools.

Use a rubber tube as a wreath form and cover it up with cotton and bandages. A fake syringe and finger dipped in red ink look so gross. You can even attach some asylum quotes to make it look scarier.

Image: Mara Macabre

Halloween Mummy Wreath

You can make this using a wreath form, cheesecloth, and googly eyes. Start by wrapping the fabric around a wreath form, then glue the eyes in a way to show if they were peeping out from behind the bandage!

Image: Pretty Providence

Caution Halloween Wreath

It is a simple wreath covered with caution tape. It will look great hanging on the fence. The required items can be bought at the supplies store in the locality.

Image: Pinterest

DIY Halloween Wreath From Household Supplies

If you are looking for an easy and affordable DIY Halloween Wreath, this will fit your requirements well. Use an old wreath from the last year and decorate it with items readily available at home. You can use fake flowers, spiders, inscriptions, or just about any prop(s); you can be creative here with whatever you have readily available at home.

Image: Blessed Beyond Crazy

Golden Halloween Wreath

You will need a wispy grapevine wreath and will have to spray paint it in golden color. Hang it using a burlap ribbon. Bat ornaments and a black painted twig can be added to the wreath’s ghostly look.

Image: Made in a Day

Trick-or-Treat Wreath

This DIY Halloween wreath is a beautiful door decoration that can be customized according to personal preference. It is a treat for kids as it is decorated with lollipops wrapped in fabric and then attached to a wreath form. Check out the tutorial at Boulder Locavore.

Image: Boulder Locavore

Scary Halloween Wreath Out of Bones

Give your wife a surprise with a Halloween wreath made from bones. Scary, isn’t it? It will welcome haunted spirits into your home.

Image: Reddit

Black Magic Wreath

Add an eerie to your living room with a DIY black magic wreath by Martha Stewart! Create a haunting environment inspired by black magic stories, and make your guests feel that you are actually welcoming bad spirits into your home. Making this creepy wreath is not difficult. You will need a simple grapevine wreath and then will have to glue some faux flowers onto it. Finally, spray paint the entire wreath with black color to give it a cool, haunting look.

Image: Martha Stewart

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