Last Minute DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

20 Super Easy and Fun Last-Minute DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is drawing near, and you guys would still be looking for creepy finishes and DIY Halloween decorations for your home? We can understand between busy work schedule and irresistible household chores, it is quite difficult to find time for DIY crafts. But if you have an hour on you, we have amazing last-minute decoration ideas you can steal the show with. 

To suggest you some DIY Halloween decorations, we’ve compiled a collection of 20 frighteningly festive, last-minute DIY Halloween decorations for a perfect party. Have a look.

# Bloody Handprint Window Clings

How about bloody handprints on walls and windows as Halloween decoration? You can easily make them using craft glue and food coloring. And the bleeding Handprint can be removed effortlessly using a spatula or scraper.

Bloody Handprint Window Clings

Image: Hey Lets Make Stuff

# Floating Witch Hats

Using black paper, you can create as many witch hats you want and hang them onto your ceiling with a thread. Place a rustic broom against the nearby wall to intensify the effect. This way, you’ll be able to create a minimalist yet eerie entryway or living room.

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Polka Dot Chair

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# Glow Stick Brooms

You’ll need glow stick bracelets, black paper and glue to create these fancy glowing brooms. Cut vertical stripes on rectangular pieces of paper, fold it onto the glow stick bracelet like a broom and your DIY Halloween decoration is ready to be hung on the wall. 

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: North Story

# Halloween Cup Decorations

This is one of the easiest Halloween decoration ideas you can try with your kids. All you have to do is to paint creepy faces on orange plastic cups with a permanent marker and place a light underneath. It is a one-time-use DIY Halloween decoration.

Halloween Cup Decorations

Image: Paging Fun Mums

# DIY Halloween Balloon Decoration

You can easily create ghosts, monsters, pumpkins, and other classic Halloween figures using balloons, paper, and a permanent marker. The balloons can be tied to a ribbon and hanged up as a garlands.

Image: BabyBjorn

# Spider’s Lair

You can easily create spider web out of black garbage bags. Just trace a spider web pattern on the garbage bag and then cut it out. Stick to walls with tape. This one will require some precision for sure!

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: HGTV

# DIY Spider Lantern

Take a leftover mason jar and fill it with cotton or fake spider web material, along with a fake spider and battery-operated light. Just three simple steps will make up this creepy table centerpiece you’d love.

DIY Spider Lantern

Image: bitz n giggles

# Creepy Glow-in-the-Dark Staircase

A mixture of powdered laundry detergent (containing phosphors) with water is enough to make up this glow-in-the-dark Halloween decoration. Just spread the mixture all over your staircase and then watch it glow with black lights. Whoa! Climb the stairs at you own risk, once you’ve done this. 

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Jess Explains It All

# Paper Bat Swarm

Paper Bat Swarm is a simple and easy-to-make. You’ll need black craft paper, scissors, and double-sided tape. Draw flying bats on paper and then cut the shapes out. Make as many as you want and attach them to walls or ceiling with the tape.

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Revamperate

# DIY Paper Skull

If you’ve an artistic nerve, then you can try making skulls out of paper or old cardboard. These skulls can even be painted for a swanky touch. Find a tutorial to make spooky paper skulls at Spookyblue.

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Grim Hollow Haunt

# Mason Jar Scarecrow

Mason jars can be used in so many different ways for Halloween decoration. A cool idea is to present them as a scarecrow. Paint them, add googly eyes and decorate with burlap.

Mason Jar Scarecrow

Image: Our Crafty Mom

# Flower Pot Halloween Decoration

Flower pots at home can be turned into monsters and jack-o’-lanterns. Just paint the desired faces on them and have them stationed gloriously on the porch. You can even stick paper cut-outs to mark faces.  

Flower Pot Halloween Decorations

Image: Ariane Bernard

# DIY Wine Bottle Mummy

If you don’t have much time to create a table centerpiece for Halloween, you can make one easily using a wine bottle. Wrap the bottle with white ribbon and add two googly eyes to complete the horrifying frightful look.  I really like this one personally.        

DIY Wine Bottle Mummy

Image: Rent

# Bloody Candles

It is a super easy Halloween decoration idea. You just need to pour drops of red wax on a white candle and the bloody candle is ready to haunt your guests. It will make these candles appear as if these are bleeding in pain.

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Pinterest

# Floating Ghost

Using a thin muslin cloth you can create a scary floating ghost decoration for your home. You need to add two black eyes and make it float using a thread. Lights will further intensify the ghoulish effect.

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: eHow

# No-Sew Jack-o’-lantern Pillow

Cut out shapes or wordings from black felt and paste to make the Jack-o’-lantern pillow. Sticking them on a plain pillow cover will ensure a scary look. These no-sew pillows are a simple way to decorate.   

No Sew Jack O Lantern Pillow

Image: The crafting Chicks

# DIY Yarn Pumpkin

Don’t want to decorate with real pumpkins? Well, make DIY pumpkins out of old yarn, attach them to form a garland and have them hanging over your fireplace. Make sure yarn is orange to resemble the real-life pumpkins.

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Design Improvised

# Halloween Window Silhouettes

If you have skills in paper crafting, you can easily create figures like knife, zombie, witch etc. and stick them on your window with a tape. Decorating windows with paper silhouettes is a cool way to impress your guests and neighbors on Halloween.

Halloween Window Silhouettes

Image: Makezine

# Mummy Wreath

Take an old metal wreath form and wrap it around with cheesecloth. Add two googly eyes and it is ready to hang on your front door. You can cut out a mouth for the mummy wreath from black felt or paper.

easy to make Mummy Wreath

Image: Darice

# Pumpkin Cooler

Another cool way to celebrate while maintaining the Halloween frenzy is to turn a pumpkin into a beverage cooler. This way it will serve your guests chilled drinks and also double up as elegant Halloween decor.

10 super easy and fun last-minute DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Pinterest

With these fun creations, you can instantly get into the spooky spirit. These easy crafts will surely save your day and be the best decorations just in time for Halloween.

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