3D-REX sculpture by Namisu

3D-REX sculpture replicates the skull of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

3D-REX sculpture by Namisu

We have covered a wide spectrum of 3D printed designs, ranging from imposing Dutch canal houses to small DIY showerheads. However, this time around, the scope of 3D printing has gone back to its ‘origins’ – as a nifty way to craft novelty items. We are talking about Namisu design studio’s 3D-REX sculpture project that entails the artificial ‘fossil-like’ skull of the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex (as seen in the above image). Exhibiting its elaborate wire-frame avatar, the item comprises of a complex geometric mesh which was achieved by some advanced 3D printing techniques.

According to the designers, the 3D-REX sculpture was made from a strong yet flexible plastic variety. The process required the utilization of Selective Laser Sintering, which allowed the finished design to have an essence of naturalistic wood or stone, rather than the ‘synthetic’ plastic. However, as far as the physical credentials of the products are concerned, it has a lightweight structure with sturdy qualities.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of the affair, the product will be available in two versions – a smaller one for our desks and a bigger one for our walls. The desk version will also come in variant colors (other than white) including red, violet, blue and black. For more details, please check out 3D-REX sculpture’s Kickstarter page.

Via: Kickstarter

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