Anker Unveils Portable 4K Laser Projector at CES 2022_2

Anker Cosmos Laser 4K Portable Projector can Setup Movie Theater Anywhere

Anker may be renowned for its mobile chargers but the Chinese company has unveiled its new Nebula projector at CES 2022. The latest video projector runs Android TV 10.0 and is dubbed Cosmos Laser 4K. Running on ALPD 3.0 laser technology (laser phosphor light source), the portable projector produces 4K resolution images and offers 2,400 ANSI lumens of brightness. The Nebula Cosmos 4K provides much higher resolution and light output when compared with the brand’s Star Wars-themed Nebula Capsule II projector.

The projector can also be connected to any external speaker setup but that won’t be necessary all the time because Cosmos Laser 4K features a pair of side-firing 30-watt speakers with Dolby Audio which is sufficient to turn your room into a movie theater.

The projector also runs Android TV so users can install the apps of their favorite games or streaming services. However, they’re not officially approved Netflix devices, so you might have to change your binge-watching preferences or rely on other streaming hardware to use the service. But not to worry as the Nebula Cosmos Anker is apparently including a 4K streaming dongle to solve that problem.

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Boasting a sleek body, the projector looks like any car or street light battery and comes with a handle on top. Other features include fast setup, in just seconds with automatic gridless keystone correction and seamless autofocus. In addition, there is eye-guard tech to cut the laser to protect the curious gaze of pets and kids.

The projector is priced at $2,200 but won’t be available on Anker’s official website. Instead, the company will be crowdfunding the Cosmos Laser 4K on Kickstarter starting January 11.

Anker Nebula 4K Projector _2

Image: Anker


Anker Unveils Portable 4K Laser Projector at CES 2022

Image: Anker

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