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Aqueduct 3D printed planter system

Aqueduct 3D printed planter system with water transferring nodes

Previously, we have harped about 3D printed bedrooms and even housing units. But this time around the 3D printing scope is on a much smaller albeit interesting scale. We are talking about Aqueduct, a 3D printed mini planter that is conveniently modular in scope. Designed by Evan Gant, the ambit of the conception relates to a whole arrangement of these mini planters, thus forming a ‘collective’ planting mechanism. According to the designer, the ingenious working nature of this bigger arrangement is based upon the connections between each planter as a method of transferring water. So, by virtue of simple gravity, the upper level planter (when it is saturated) helps in transferring water to the lower level planter.

This connected mechanism of Aqueduct also plays its part in watering the lowest level potted plant (as we can see in the image). The very same attribute of gravity works where the penultimate plant being saturated with water empties the excess fluid on to the pot.

Finally, as for the usability of the entire Aqueduct, the designer has assured us that the arrangements can be made in different configurations. He has also gone on to say that this 3D Printed planter mechanism is perfect for – ‘air plants, succulents, or any small plant that requires little soil’. The system itself is available in a set of 10 planters, 3 double channel planters and 7 single channel planters (with single planters also being available separately).

Dimensions – 25.81 w x 7.53 d x 5.92 h (in cm); 10.161 w x 2.965 d x 2.331 h (in inches)

For pricing details, please check this link.

Via: ShapeWays

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