Archelis Wearable Chair

Archelis wearable chair offers relaxation of sitting without any seat

Standing desks have become widely popular over the years, as these pieces of furniture help to combat ill-effects of prolonged sitting. But it’s also a fact that one cannot stand comfortably the entire day, you need to take a seat for a while for relaxation. For those who actually have to stand all day in their workspace or people who want to avoid extended sitting time, Japanese company Archelis has invented a wearable chair that offers relaxation without being literally seated.

The wearable chair resembles an exoskeleton that can be wrapped around your thighs and legs, allowing you to stand upright without feeling the stress on your limbs. This device can be locked at various positions for adjusting the angle of your ankle and knee joints. After adjusting it as per your level of comfort, you can feel laid-back without feeling any sort of muscle tension and joint fatigue.

Developed by Nitto, a Japanese company that makes all kinds of molds, in collaboration with Chiba University’s Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Hiroaki Nishimura Design, and Japan Polymer Technology, the Archelis chair is made entirely of carbon parts. These carbon parts are flexible and comfortable for prolonged use, and are not even powered by batteries.

The original idea behind its development is to help surgeons relax their legs while operating. Not only surgeons, but other professionals like factory workers, hospitality staff and teachers can equally make good use of the product, as per their needs and requirements.

Although the chair looks a little weird to look at, but it’s quite an interesting concept that is going to be useful in different industries. The wearable chair is still in development phase, so you have to wait a little more for purchasing this incredible chair that can be actually worn by the user.

Archelis Wearable Chair

The chair can be wrapped around an individual’s legs

Archelis Wearable Chair

It is perfect for surgeons who have to stand while surgeries

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