Arola Black&White thermostatic bath-shower mixer saves water and energy

To add newly designed tapware to the bathrooms of clients wanting unique designs, Ramon Soler has introduced the very appealing BLACK&WHITE thermostatic bath-shower mixer from the Thermoarola range by Antoni Arola. The unique aspect of the Arola bath shower mixer is the authentic black and white matt finish they adorn, which graces your bathroom with contemporary luxury. The Arola tapware has a very interesting waterfall effect and comes with the diverter fitted in the flow handle.

Besides the design, the Arola bath shower mixer also benefits in saving water and energy, courtesy the tap’s thermostatic system, which users of all ages to easily set exact water temperatures. Ramon Soler has been fascinated with black and white colors and it is very evident in the black and white colors of the Arola BLACK&WHITE thermostatic bath-shower mixers that cost €365 (approx. $475) and €480 (approx. $620) for white and black respectively.

Via: Infurma

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