BDI's Corridor 8179 cabinet

BDI’s Corridor 8179 – A chic cabinet for your home theater


Yesterday, we talked about how Fortress Seating’s ‘mechanized’ sofa can aid in your home theater experience. And, now we have come across BDI’s Corridor 8179, a classy home theater cabinet that manages to fuse a strong sense of aesthetics with effective storage credentials. Exhibiting a solid walnut facade that comprises of elegant louvered doors, the design embodies art with a functional side to it. In this regard, the rich chocolate stained slats allow for both IR-remote access and a free passage for the sound to flow unobtrusively. The top section of the section on the other hand showcases a contrasting micro-etched glass surface, which is both fingerprint resistant and provides a solid surface for your gargantuan TV to rest on (for up to 85-inch screen size).

Of course, since we are harping about a cabinet, it is the storage credentials of the Corridor 8179 that should take precedence in our evaluation. Well, in that field, the design doesn’t disappoint with its string of convenient features. For example, the central shelf (which is accessed via center double-doors) is adjustable, while also having the capacity to house center-channel speakers or even soundbars. The flanking shelves are also adjustable, which can be utilized by the user to customize and segregate music from the left and right channel.

Finally, coming to the convenience side of affairs, the Corridor 8179 has its very own cable management scope with removable back panels that takes care of the paraphernalia of cords and wires. And for those who like to move their furniture around, there is also an optional wheel system inside the steel support legs.

Price –  $2,149 (for more details, check out BDI’s product page).

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