Redditor Builds Game of Thrones-Inspired Cardboard Iron Throne for Her Cat

This is 17-year-old Arthur, Lord of the Kitties, on his iron throne.

He was an average naughty household cat until he took the internet by storm when his owner, Elly Gibson posted a picture of him seated proudly on a cardboard iron throne built for him with love by Elly herself.

The seat, which you’ve guessed, draws inspiration for Game of Thrones TV series, was shared by Elly on Reddit where over 80k users liked it and shared their aww.


Image: Imgur

While the internet is fascinated with the details put into this cardboard chair, Elly in love with King Arthur informs, “My husband has had him (King Arthur) since he was 10 years old, and I love him to bits. Even when he’s knocking everything off the coffee table at 3 a.m.”

This is not the only iron throne iteration we can seen in our time. For the love of GOT below are some other exciting DIY thrones we have seen.

Iron Throne Cake


Image: Broadway Bakery

This four-feet tall cake was baked and crafted by the team of Broadway bakers in Dubai as a tribute to the 7th season of GOT. It was then the world’s most expensive cake, valued at $27,000.

Iron Throne to Rule the Childhood


Image: Instructables

Allison of ModMischief turned a toddler-sized plastic lawn chair to resemble a baby-sized iron throne. It features foam floor mats, craft foam sheets, and is painted to look so ironish.

Iron Throne Bed for a Kitty


Image: Etsy/MadeForPets

Ukrainian Kate Agafonova built this unique cat bed from fleece, plastic, silver tissue and polyester filling. It is decked with plastic swords painted in silver color. The cat throne also has soft pillow filled with sintepon to provide optimal comfort to the occupant.

Real Sword Throne


Image: VKontakte

This one is a genuine treat. Built by a Russian artist from real swords, it is good enough to put the actual one from the series to shame. It features 387 swords and was built over three months at a cost of approximately $8,000.

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