CookingPal Julia Provides Video-Guided Recipes to Assist in Cooking

CookingPal Julia Provides Video-Guided Recipes to Assist in Cooking

If you are looking for innovative food and kitchen appliance at CES 2020, take the look at the CookingPal Julia from TecPal Ltd. It is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-powered countertop appliance that can guide users with their cooking. Interestingly, it is multi-functional and thus you can chop, mix, grate, knead, boil, weigh, and do more with this one machine alone. Users can control it easily with the dedicated Smart Kitchen Hub Tablet or the companion mobile app from anywhere in the house.

The 8-inch touchscreen tablet provides visual guidance on preparing a recipe and has a table stand on the back so it can be placed anywhere for a perfect viewing angle. It is designed to withstand the tough kitchen environment and has a physical jog dial. There is an AI-powered camera with two speakers and a microphone on its back. It can take photos of the ingredients and suggest recipes accordingly. Users also get personalized recipe recommendations through push notifications.

Julia is a cooking assistant that can provide users with various easy-to-follow recipes, for different times of a day. It assists in the cooking job with step-by-step recipes in the form of videos or images. It is also touted to work with voice assistants and has built-in Alexa, a great feature to have in a smart kitchen. There is also an integrated online shopping and delivery feature for users’ convenience.

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The cooking system comprises of a main unit that includes a 3L steel bowl with blades, a Smart Kitchen Hub, and accessories like the steamer tray, simmering basket, spatula, etc. The base of the main unit houses the scale and heating system.

CookingPal Julia smart cooking system is a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree. There is no information on price and availability so far, however, you can expect it to come for a hefty price tag.

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