Refresh Your Dining Table with These Spring Tablescaping Trends

Refresh Your Dining Table with These Spring Tablescape Trends

Just like a well-coordinated outfit, a table that is decorated and put-together shows off personal style and provides inspiration. Moreover, it makes guests – whether extended family and friends or simply immediate family and loved ones – feel special when they sit down to dine with you.

Tablescaping trends ebb and flow with the years but there are certain trends to keep in mind for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Here are a few spring tablescape trends for you to adorn your dining table.

Opt for Complementary Colors

When styling your table, one of the first considerations to keep in mind is color. Choose a color palette you like or color coordinate with the existing tints in your house. If your dinnerware has a distinct color scheme, use that to choose table runners, placemats, napkins, and other decor in complementary hues.

However, if selecting a complementary palette proves tricky, consider choosing hues that can be found in nature and are seasonally appropriate. For spring, zinfandel red and vine brown, ocean blue and sandy white, or pineapple yellow and palm green are a few good color combinations to adorn your tablescape with.

Once you’ve decided upon your palette, incorporate the colors into your selection of linens, florals, décor, and place cards. If you’d like to add a few pops of visual interest, consider adding metallics into your color scheme through flatware, vases, or place card-holders.

Refresh Your Dining Table with These Spring Tablescaping Trends

Image: J. Savage Gibson

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Consider the Right Kind of Light

It’s no secret that we all look our best in light that’s soft and subdued, which is likely why candlelight is so highly favored for dinner parties.

If your dining room has an overhead light fixture that gives off too harsh a glow, you may consider swapping it out with pendant lighting that offers more subdued illumination. If not, consider installing light dimmers to your overhead fixtures, allowing to control the light levels of your space throughout the day, and through the course of your meal.

If your dining room doesn’t have overhead lighting, or you’re looking for an alternative to it, consider situating table or floor lamps throughout your space. Consider a table lamp or two to place on your buffet or any console tables in your dining room, or even a floor lamp tucked away in a corner.

For your table, you can never go wrong with a few candle holders equipped with votives throughout your table to give the room a cozy and welcoming glow.

Refresh Your Dining Table with These Spring Tablescaping Trends


Choose the Right Centerpiece

There’s no centerpiece better suited to spring than flowers. Gorgeous blooms and other foliage are great options to herald in the spring season and can be great conversation pieces among your guests.

Be mindful of choosing a suitable size of bouquet for your table, as choosing one that is too big can detract from interactions, and one that is too small can look unsuitable. If you opt for flowers or other foliage, ensure the blooms don’t reach eye level so as to block anyone’s view. You can keep one main centerpiece or create smaller arrangements to place in bud vases along your table.

If flowers aren’t your thing, there are a number of other centerpiece alternatives to embellish your table. You can pour decorative filler into glass bowls and add a tealight or taper candle to the middle of the bowl.

Create miniature terrariums filled with succulents or other cacti in glass cloches, or arrange a collection of candles in varying sizes throughout the length of your table. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a centerpiece for your table.

Refresh Your Dining Table with These Spring Tablescaping Trends


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Layer the Linens

Undoubtedly, linens play a huge role in the look, feel, and functionality of your table and dining experience. They easily create a soft foundation for your flatware, dinnerware, utensils, and glassware with table runners, placemats, and napkins.

While textile elements such as these work wonders for injecting color and are a great way to weave fascinating color palette, they also create visual interest on your dining table through texture, contrast, and pattern. Get creative with how you layout your linens – whether it’s playing around with the placement of your runner, or folding your napkins in creative ways, ensure you have some fun with it.

Consider adding decorative touches through napkin rings, or mixing and matching your linens as well. Contrast colors and patterns for a bold, playful look or opt for complementary hues to create a more elegant theme. For a rustic feel, opt for burlap, linen, or textured cotton textiles and decorate them with natural elements reminiscent of the season.

Refresh Your Dining Table with These Spring Tablescaping Trends

Image: Fashionable Hostess

Add Dimension & Height

Playing around with height and dimensionality can invoke visual interest on the table. This can be easily done through the incorporation of cake stands, glass bowls with pedestals, and platters. Refraining from keeping everything at your table in one height will make individual plates and platters easier to see, and will help your table look more satisfying.

Although, when setting your table, ensure you leave enough space to pick up and set down each dish with ease. You can also consider adding metallic chargers below dinner plates or serving dishes to further dress up your table with a subtle shine.

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Refresh Your Dining Table with These Spring Tablescaping Trends

Image: First Day of Home

While centerpieces, dining room furniture, linens, and decor are all important aspects of creating the perfect tablescape, remember that your family and guests are ultimately there to enjoy a meal with you. By planning ahead, you’ll ensure you get to enjoy this time spent with loved ones.

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