DIOR Baby Stroller

DIOR Buggy Bag is Stroller for a Royal Baby

Men and women enjoy the perks of adulthood in their campers. They travel, eat, drink and explore the world with their naked eyes. But why should adults have all the fun? Babies shouldn’t be devoid of fun either. While these spawns may not be able to travel on their own, operate a teardrop trailer or book an Airbnb for them, they have every right to live life luxuriously in their buggy bag or a baby stroller as it’s better known.

DIOR asked the same question when they launched its first baby stroller back in 2020. Available in a contemporary navy blue hue, the pram was printed with an iconic motif: Dior’s Oblique monogram which became an instant parent’s favorite and also one of the costliest strollers available at that time. The French luxury fashion house after launching the stroller back in 2020 has now released an iteration of the pushchair with basket rendered in the French Toile de Jouy print, another signature motif.

Made in collaboration with the renowned baby brand Inglesina, and assembled in Italy, the incredibly chic kids’ carrier is a stylish four-wheel buggy. The adjustable awning protects the babies from both the sun and rain. The stroller safeguards every baby’s well-being, with its innovative ventilation system with a mattress made from natural bamboo fibers providing comfort to the toddler. The brand new unit is outfitted with a canvas hood and Dior logo is etched on the handles and wheels.

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The baby stroller also features a reversible seat with an adjustable back that can be quickly, easily, and safely folded or unfolded. Mind you, this is no ordinary stroller that you can bring home with a subtle click. Well, you can ideally, but it will cost you around $7,600. I could eventually buy fifteen Kumi Cribs for that whopping price.

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