Transform Your Doll House into the House of Horrors

Couple Transforms a Cute Dollhouse into House of Horrors for Halloween

In order to try something out of the box for Halloween 2021, we would recommend you transform a dollhouse into a house of horrors. For assistance, a husband-wife duo of Jaimie and Jay provide a tutorial for a haunted dollhouse makeover.

The couple turned an old dollhouse into a witch mansion which looks grungy as hell. Guaranteed to frighten the visitors, the haunted dollhouse makeover is inspired by Addams Family house and will be a perfect addition to your holiday décor, if you can pull it off.

What goes behind transforming this dollhouse into a witch mansion is worth talking about. It involves coloring the dollhouse with black primer paint. Preferably using brushes and spray paint to add soft spooky touches to the haunted villa.

Next up, the duo has added flickering candle lights to the dollhouse which will scare the heck out of children and adults alike. The windows of the little mansion have been boarded with wooden planks to make the dollhouse look really decrypted. Some cracks and crevices have been added using a paintbrush to make the dollhouse look really frightening.

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In addition to this, glowing Jack-o’-lanterns, demon cats, and an animated ghost that wanders to the top balcony add to the spookiness. The miniature Victorian mansion is complete with the addition of balloon lights, parchment paper to diffuse lights and faux planters alongside the spooky fencing.

You can try this and then maybe place your phone inside the horror house and play a spooky video to scare the trick-or-treaters.

Transform Your Doll House into the House of Horrors

Image: Wicked Makers

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