Ex-NASA engineer creates liquid sand hot tub you've never seen before

Ex-NASA engineer creates liquid sand hot tub you’ve never seen before

You might have a gilded hot tub at home, but nothing compares to this one conceived by former NASA engineer Mark Rober, who runs a famous YouTube channel featuring his own sci-fi inspired DIY projects. Recently, he has created a liquid sand hot tub using the concept of fluidized bed, which is all about providing appropriate conditions to cause a solid mixture to behave as a fluid. In this case, he added the right amount of air at the right spots to make the solid sand particles appear like liquid soup.

The chaotic movement of particles in the fluidized bed is the main reason for fusing in the characteristics of liquids, and same is in this case. If you wish to have a similar experiment at home; you will need an old tub, some thin PVC pipes, drill and an air compressor or a standard gas container. First of all, you need to drill a bunch of 1mm holes, ninety-degree apart from each other in every PVC pipe. Then, it’s time to connect all the pipes in a ladder like pattern inside the tub with holes pointing downwards.

Lastly, fill in sand and connect the piping system with the air flow to test if your liquid sand hot tub works or not. As soon as you turn on the air flow, it has to release the right amount of force required to balance the upward and downward forces which makes the sand dance like a splash of water. It’s not an easy task as it seems because, you have to be pretty sure about measurements and air pressure to get the right conditions for a fluidized bed.

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