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Henry Ward's Floating Lodge

Floating Lodge – A water based lodge created from an upcycled radome

When it comes to the realm of yachts, the scope generally alludes to opulence. The Henry Ward-designed Floating Lodge builds upon this luxury ‘pedigree’, albeit with a sustainable quotient of its own. Forming a part of the Sea-Suite series of houseboats, beach cabins and lodges; the entire conceptual design is based upon the thrilling notion of a ‘water loving’ lifestyle. This essence of living is expressed through novel structural considerations that mainly comprise of a conspicuous egg shaped shell with simple lines and organic curves. In fact, the egg shaped shell is planned to be upcycled from a previous composite radome (a combination of a radar and dome) that had been developed for a new cruise liner terminal in Hong Kong.

The ritzy user oriented zones of the Floating Lodge are located inside this exclusively contrived double leveled radome. The lower level of the floating structure consists of the living room, a centrally located drawing room with its entertainment hub, an adjacent kitchen and a separate deck with a hobbyist telescope. The upper level caters to the private quarters with a plush bedroom and bathroom.

In terms of technology, the material for the Floating Lodge radome had been built from a lightweight, monocoque section that was specifically created so as to be installed in a single lift. And, given their advanced structural as well as aesthetic value, the radome designs are also planned to be used as a series of self-contained, coast based housing units. According to the designers, the flexible installation process and the portability factor might even cut back on the overall cost of such novel housing projects.

Via: CharterWorld

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