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Flush Down Toilet Seat Closer by Thomas Reminga

Flush Down automatically closes both toilet seat and lid after use

Are you fed up of your pet’s bat habit of drinking out of the toilet when you forget to close the seat? To stop your pet from doing do, Michigan-based inventor Thomas Reminga from Start Garden Community has come up with the best solution in form the Flush Down seat closer.

This is basically an automatic in-tank device that closes both seat and lid of open toilet after use. This handy device has received $5,000 in initial funding this week due to an endorsement by the Start Garden community. The best thing about the self-closing toilet seat is that it is battery-free and can be installed easily within minutes without requiring additional bulky tools.

So, now the automatic device will avoid pets from drinking toilet water even when you’re away. You can purchase this easy-to-install device for $50 to opt more hygienic lifestyle. Check out the video given below to find out more about the Flush Down.

Flush Down Toilet Seat Closer by Thomas Reminga

The device automatically closes toilet seat and lid after use

Source: FlushDown

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