With every passing day, we are marching closer to Halloween. This time of the year we shift our entire focus to decorating our homes with spooky elements of varying themes. If you are tired of the typical Halloween decorations and want to try something new, I’d recommend you check out these snake décoration ideas. Faux serpent décor has been slightly neglected when it comes to Halloween but packs a punch. Explore this exclusive list of Halloween snake decoration ideas that are worth a try this spooky season.

Creepy Snake Doormat

Image: Adam Albright/ Better Homes and Garden

What better than adding a snake doormat to your entrance? While witch and ghoul doormats are kid favorites, a creepy snake doormat is my personal recommendation to you. Just imagine the expression of your guests when they step on this scream-worthy doormat.

DIY Snake Candleholder

Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

Another idea that could elevate your Halloween decoration is a snake candleholder. Wrap up a clay snake around a candle and you have got yourself a beautiful little ornament. Easy to DIY, these little snake candleholders can hiss up your interior.

Halloween Snake Art Printable

Image: Etsy/kiwiNberries

I am sure you definitely plan on decorating your wall with spooky printables this Halloween. However, if you are bored of witches, goblins, and the regular Halloween signs, it is time you try a snake art printable. Available on Etsy and other online stores, this snake wall art will spook up your room and add vibrance to it.

Halloween Snake Inflatable

Image: Ubuy

It may be really difficult to find a snake inflatable but if you come across one, it will be a fantastic addition to your backyard. Halloween inflatables are quite popular among the masses but everyone seems to have a similar taste for floatables. This is where a snake inflatable may separate you from the crowd.

Large Skull Head Snake Candles

Image: Etsy

Skulls and candles in houses during Halloween are a common sight. You can combine these two ideas to add more spookiness to your space. You can buy a large witchcraft skull candle with serpents crawling through it. You can either make it a table centerpiece or place it anywhere you like.

Snake Wrapped Around Orange Pumpkin

Image: Monkey Haven

There is no rocket science involved here. Buy a faux snake and wrap it around a pumpkin. Whether you choose to place the pumpkin in your yard or in your living room, that’s totally up to you. The point is to scare your guests.

Halloween Snake Wreath

Image: Ditte Isager/Martha Stewart

While the witch and spider wreaths are classic and timeless, you can add a new flavor to Halloween decorations with snakes. A Halloween snake wreath is a fantastic idea to surprise your friends and leave them in awe of your imagination.

Scary Snake Basket

Image: The Gardening Cook

I am pretty sure you have definitely come across pictures of snakes kept inside a basket. Snake charmers usually keep deadly vipers inside a bamboo basket but it can actually be a great Halloween decoration idea. A faux snake rearing and peeping at your visitors from a basket can scare the hell out of them.

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Snake Planter

Image: Pinterest

This snake planter would spook up your home during the season and serve as a décor piece during the rest of the year. With a coiled snake shape, it can display small cacti and succulents that are perfect for kitchen windowsills, desks, balconies, and offices.

Snake Skeleton for tabletop

Image: Wayfair

Just imagine the reaction of your friends when they see a huge snake skeleton placed on your tabletop. The snake skeleton is a wonderful addition to your Halloween decoration. You can even add it to your front porch display and place it atop the fireplace mantel. Furthermore, you can even wrap it around your Jack-o’-lantern for a creepy effect.


Atish is an avid reader and a writer with almost half a decade of experience in news reporting. He has previously worked with Hindustan Times as a field journalist. He has a profound interest in performing arts and has directed a few insightful plays on social issues and folklore. When not toiling with words or sourcing news for Homecrux and Planet Custodian, he can be found either appreciating cinema, reading cult classics, or searching for existential truth.

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