Hobbit Homes from Around the World

Hobbit house by Kristie Wolfe with captivating wooden details

Last year we featured the dreamy tropical treehouse built by Kristie Wolfe. And again, there is a spectacular creation by the DIY enthusiast named Underground Hygge. Situated at one of the mountains at Columbia River gorge near Chelan, Washington, it is a one-of-a-kind dwelling that is buried in the ground and features a small round door which depicts it like a hobbit-hole house.

Lately, the Hobbit house was listed in Airbnb for people to experience the life in shire. It is located on a beautiful countryside location, and has a number of architectural details mostly from wood and stone.

The house measuring 288-square-feet is built on a foundation with gravel and plastic. Thereafter, treated lumber & sheeted plywood is used to create an extraordinary shape. Its exteriors are made mostly using reclaimed materials, giving it a country home appeal. It is interesting to see how creatively leftover spaces around the door are used as storage units.

The roundish hobbit-hole door in front of the stone-paved patio welcomes inside. As you enter inside, a rock-stone crafted propane fireplace stands next to the rustic wooden shelves and beautifully blends with cordwood floor. Wood crafted lighting fixtures and candles are used to brighten the space; although, LED lighting is also included. There are port windows to peak outside while the main door can be left open to let in natural light.

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Underground Hygge is a unique two-person accommodation with sufficient living room space and a bedroom. There is also a bathroom complete with toilet, shower, and a small porcelain bathtub. There is a wooden sink in the bathroom that shows the creative design approach of Kristie.

This hobbit house is perfect getaway for those who want to live in serenity and want to experience an off-grid life. It can be rented through Airbnb for about $342.

Roundish door depicts it like a hobbit house

Image: Airbnb

Exteriors are made using reclaimed materials

Image: Airbnb

Fettle fencing outside display it like a rural structure

Image: Airbnb

Stands at a hilltop offering naturalistic views

Image: Airbnb

Underground structure is perfect for all seasons

Image: Airbnb

When door is open, it offers magnificent views

Image: Airbnb

A reclaimed metal decor piece integrated at the door

Image: Airbnb

Hobbit house by Kristie Wolfe with captivating wooden details_18

Image: Airbnb

Candles used uniquely to brighten space

Image: Airbnb

A bedroom with lighting fixtures crafted from wooden pieces

Image: Airbnb

A bathroom with a porcelain bathtub

Image: Airbnb

Self-made wooden sink

Image: Airbnb

Sufficient interiors for two persons

Image: Airbnb

Off-grid house has solar panels for energy requirements

Image: Airbnb

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