How Food Delivery Services are Changing Our Eating Habits & Lifestyle

The way we dine has changed dramatically over the past few years, particularly when it comes to ordering in. 

Back in time, we planned our meals out every day, spent hours preparing and cooking them and then all sat around the table as a family to enjoy the results. Today food needs to arrive on our plate quicker than ever, whether that be through cooking, or tapping just a few times on our smartphones.

While millennials – aged between 20 and 35 years, set the tone for trends today – not just clothes and music trends, the food trends are largely influenced, people even more aged are reshaping the food industry as we have come to know it.

The menus in the restaurants, the foods available in the supermarkets have changed dramatically. One market that is shaping it all is the food delivery, which has made choosing cuisines and having fresh food delivered to your doorstep as easy as clicking a button.

In the last few years, hyperlocal food delivery services have been competing with each other to reach you the fastest and lure you into their massive variety with attractive discounts. This has completely transformed how we eat and has changed our habits in a number of ways.

There are all manner of delivery services now available, from the more traditional takeaway services to restaurant standard turning up at our doors and online food shops to ingredients complete with recipes. And they have been using and trying all sorts of new ways to reach you – then be it delivering pizzas with drones or reaching you in floating food carts. But how are they changing our habits for the better, let’s find out?

Teaching Us to Cook

For many ordering food is primarily down to the lack of cooking skills, but a number of services will now deliver you ingredients and a complete recipe guide on how to cook them. You’ll find the leading meal delivery service options offer all manner of recipes to suit varying diets and can really boost confidence and ability in novice cooks.

They’re always quick and easy to make and are the perfect starting point for anyone who’s too often reliant on ready meals and takeaways.

Bringing Restaurant Food to Our Door

It goes without saying takeaways and food delivery services are bringing you restaurant standard food directly to your front door. It adds a whole new dimension to dining out and many top local restaurants are really benefiting from this service, as it increases their output without the need to create more covers in-house.

In many cases, you’ll find top class, fresh ingredients that are a million miles away from the fried chicken, greasy pizzas and mystery meat kebabs usually associated with takeout food.

More and more restaurants are being added to the rosters of these apps, although it does depend on where you live and the restaurants operating in the area. If you live in the countryside, what’s available will naturally be significantly less than in the city.

Giving Millennials A New Way in Life

Numerous surveys have shown outrightly that millennials are the biggest customers of food delivery services. In fact, a generational report by Technomic suggests that in 3 out of 5 cases Millennials order food through a delivery or visit restaurants for takeaway.

This segment spends a maximum share of their budget on prepared food in comparison with their elders, other reports cite.

This generation of consumers is more apt to eating from quickly available, variety of foods delivered from their favorite restaurants through food delivery services. And to keep the millennials excited and lured, delivery companies are constantly designing new ordering channels to make things easier and smoother.

Expanding Our Taste buds

Making various ingredients through the recipe delivery services and all manner of restaurants through takeaway offerings is making different cultures’ food more accessible, which is opening up new flavors to hundreds of people.

It’s fair to say nobody does Indian food like somebody of Indian heritage, just as nobody does Fish and Chips like the British or noodles like those with South East Asian ancestry. And all of that can be delivered directly to your door in many cases.

Opening up to new flavors is not only fantastic for yourself, but it can also introduce children early to dishes that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to make.

It’s expanding and integrating diverse cultures further and creating a world where in many cities no flavor is off menu.

It’s Earning Many of Us Money on the Side Too

What’s more, if necessary you can also earn from these services. Many people are beginning to work for food delivery services part-time, putting in a few hours work in of an evening.

Food delivery services are particularly popular to offer part-time/full-time work to people from all walks of life. You’ll see students earning in between studies, and even middle-aged men riding bicycles with boxes on their back as a medium to earn while they keep fit.

Of course, it isn’t a career move, but it can’t be denied they are getting more and more popular and supply has to meet demand. You can choose your own hours and cannot only help you earn extra cash but get fitter and lose weight too.

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