Head in a jar Halloween prank

How to Make Creepy Head in a Jar for Halloween

Halloween is a time for scary surprises and creepy air all around. When every Halloween decoration in your home complements the other, it calls for a scary vibe which makes everyone skip a beat. Be it a simple indoor decor, a detailed backyard prop or any other tiny little bits that add up to the horror scene, Halloween transforms your home into a scary dungeon which everyone is curious to explore.

This DIY is all about displaying an amputated head (even better if it’s your own) in the refrigerator, porch or living room to scare the hell out of everyone. It’s pretty simple if you have some photo editing skills. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below. 

Things You Need

  • Photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Big transparent glass jar
  • Hair wig
  • Food color and water
  • Colored printer
  • Paper lamination

Create Head in a Jar (Tutorial)

Step 1: First, click mugshots of yourself (or someone else) with a scary or dead face expression. You need to take a front shot and a side shot. Both the photos have to be taken at the eye-level and there should be good lighting in the room where photos are clicked. This is the most important step, and essential in completing this Halloween prank.

Head in a jar Halloween prank

Step 2: Import these photos in a photo editing software (preferably Adobe Photoshop). Set the canvas size as 11” x 8.5” (as the final print has to be on the A4 paper sheet). The front and side shots need to be aligned side-by-side with the eye level as the reference point.

Head in a jar Halloween prank

Step 3: Now crop the face of the side shot and align it with the front shot at the same level. Then merge the two photos using the eraser tool with a soft brush setting. Toggle the opacity of the eraser to feather some details and blend the two images together. This will complete one side of the final photograph.

Head in a jar Halloween prank - Halloween Decoration Ideas

Step 4: Now, create a duplicate layer of the side shot and flip horizontal, and then move it to the other side of the front shot. Follow the blending/feathering process mentioned in the previous step (Step 3).

Head in a jar Halloween prank - Halloween Decoration Ideas

Step 5: Then take a colored printout on a photo paper. If there’s a white margin in the final print, cut that portion out. Now, laminate the paper to prevent any damage to the print/sheet when placed in water. 

Head in a jar Halloween prank - Halloween Decoration Ideas

Step 6: Now roll the photograph and place it inside the glass jar filled with food color. You can choose the color of water as per your preference.

Head in a jar Halloween prank - Halloween Decoration Ideas

Step 7: To complete the effect, put a hair wig on top of the photograph. 

There you have a creepy head of yourself boxed inside a glass jar, looking as if you have preserved the head of some rouge clone of yourself as an accomplishment. Now, that’s pretty scary, don’t you think?

Head in a jar Halloween prank - Halloween Decoration Ideas

NOTE: If the above steps look a bit confusing, you can follow the video tutorial below.

Head in a jar prank for Halloween: DIY steps

Credit: Instructables

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