Easy Ways to Make Your Home Family-Friendly

Awesome Ideas to Make a More Family-Friendly Home

Before having kids, you can maintain your house to your taste. However, as life evolves and children enter the picture, the style of your home changes. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice every style choice you love in the process to make room for tiny tots. Many people think that once they have kids, they have to say goodbye to having a stylish home, but that’s not the case. With a few simple additions, you can easily turn any home into one that’s perfect for kids while still being home adults will love.

As your kids grow, you don’t want to be left with a home filled with expensive or permanent features that were only meant for young children. Rather than making a kid-friendly home, make your home family-friendly for everyone to feel welcome. Whether you’re adding family-friendly features to your current home or looking for them while you browse through houses for sale, you’ll be glad to know that these options exist.

Carpet Tiles and Vinyl Flooring

Any high-class flooring that is long-lasting will cost a pretty penny, and that expense might not be justified if you have children living at home. They knock things over, spill drinks, and the occasional marker might travel off the page of their coloring book. Of course, it’s not always the kids, the adults in your home are bound to drop something eventually. No one wants to have to take time out of an already busy day to try and scrub away stains on the carpet. Instead of investing in permanent flooring that will be just as expensive to replace or repair, opt for carpet tiles or vinyl flooring.

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These days, semi-permanent flooring options are made to compete with their high-quality counterparts and provide more ease for families. If your son or daughter accidentally knocks over their juice or food that stains, you can replace a few tiles or boards rather than ripping up the entire floor. In case you want a design change, it’ll be easier on your wallet to switch the flooring.

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Family-Friendly


Chalkboard/Whiteboard Walls

Did you ever get in trouble for drawing on the walls as a kid? Well, now you can encourage your kids to draw on the wall and even join them for a family activity. Chalkboard and whiteboard walls are growing in popularity in family-friendly homes.

The area can be used for family game nights, leaving messages for each other, and working on your lessons without going through a ream of paper. Chalkboard walls are also an easy way for your family to become more organized when you have a designated area to write things down.

You can take photographs of any masterpieces before wiping everything off, so your child’s evolving artistic abilities are captured.  Even if you leave your child’s artwork on the wall, a hand-drawn picture on a chalkboard is way better than any decor you can get in a store.

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Family-Friendly

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Multi-Functional Furniture

Furniture that can carry out double duty will be a welcome addition to your family home. Storage beds with drawers underneath save space and give children an accessible place to keep their things. These drawers can also be used for toys or clothes.

In shared spaces, ottomans and trunks can serve as storage entities for quick clean-up without looking clunky. This way you can have extra storing units doubling as furnishing pieces with elegance. It can also help allow children to play in areas that can quickly be cleaned up when you have company over.

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Your children can fight over the top bunk, or you can choose loft beds that have a space for each child underneath. Bunk bed and loft beds create instant space in any bedroom. Desks and lounge areas are accessible spaces to create under loft beds. These beds also save parents from bending over to tuck kids in at bedtime, which can help keep back pain at bay.

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Family-Friendly

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Floating Vanities

When your kids are younger, they’ll need help to reach the bathroom sink, but stools can clash with your style. In bathrooms, floating vanities are extremely family-friendly. Space underneath is perfect for storing stools for smaller children to reach the sink and counters. This means you won’t need to lower counters to make them kid-friendly because their seat is nearby at all times.

Floating vanities are great furniture choices to ensure that your home will grow with your children. As children grow, stools can be replaced with storage bins for other bathroom necessities. Most families, no matter how big, are always looking to have more storage in the bathroom. A floating vanity allows you to add more storage without drawing any attention to it. If you ever have adult guests over, they won’t be uncomfortable using the kids’ bathroom.

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Family-Friendly

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