Kfc decoration for christmas

KFC New Zealand’s Special Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas is festival of faith, love, and peace. We buy or make different Christmas decorations, give gifts and make delicious food to celebrate it in true spirit. Keeping this positive vibe in mind, KFC New Zealand has released a five-piece set of Christmas tree ornaments.

The set includes Christmas tree ornaments in shape of a drumstick, a wing, fries, a bucket of fried chicken, and a Colonel Sanders face. These ornaments will add an absurd look to a Xmas tree, but for chicken lovers, it’s may be the best Christmas tree decoration made ever.

If you love to experiment with new things, you can try the KFC bucket ornaments, as they are simply awesome. All pieces come in a handy box, making it perfect for gifting to a crazy chicken lover.

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 KFC’s Marketing Director, said;

Forget the mistletoe this year – these naughty and nice decorations are sure to make the magic happen when you grab a drumstick off the tree and hold it overhead.

Unhappily, these KFC-themed Christmas tree ornaments are available in New Zealand’s KFC chain. If you live in New Zealand and are a fan of KFC, it can be an interesting decoration for Christmas Eve.

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