Kohler PerfectFill Smart Bathing Technology

Kohler’s Smart Bathtubs Will Fill and Drain on Your Voice Command

The grandest consumer electronic show is kicking off in Vegas and the internet is already flooded with tons of new gadgets and iterations of their past models. Manufacturing giants around the world are leaving no stones unturned in coaxing the consumers with the latest technology they have in stock. Kohler decided to tighten its laces for CES 2022 and introduce the world to its long touted PerfectFill smart bathing technology.

Well as the name suggests, PerfectFill will automatically fill the bathtub for you, via the Kohler app, or a voice command over Alexa or Google Assistant. Kohler‘s latest bathroom tech is supposed to fill your bathtub to a desired depth and temperature.

Not just this, it also turns off the water when it reaches a certain level. If you’re pondering who would drain the water, you don’t need to worry as PerfectFill not just fills water but also drain the tub when you ask it to without getting your hands dirty. The Kohler PerfectFill bathtub interface allows user to program their ideal temperature and depth in up to ten pre-set configurations. 

Intriguing, isn’t it? PerfectFill was initially demonstrated as concept technology, but now will be available to purchase sometime in May 2022 starting at $2,700.The central question that arises now is what good a technology is without a physical product available for demonstration?

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Kohler answer that with its additional featured product dubbed Stillness Bath coming to market in 2022. It is a multi-sensory bathing experience inspired by Japanese forest bathing that the company teased at CES last year. The product will be available for about $8,000 and will incorporate the PerfectFill technology in a smart bathtub.

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Image: Kohler

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