Smartphone controlled OLED table lamp

LG introduces smartphone controlled OLED table lamp

Smartphone controlled OLED table lamp

Smartphone controlled LED lamps and lights, like the Philips Hue collection, are a common site in the smart lighting world. We have seen a few OLED lamps and lights for sure, this is perhaps the first occasion we are confronted with a smartphone controlled OLED table lamp which uses curved Organic Light Emitting Diodes as light source. Unveiled at the 2014 Light+Building trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, the LG OLED Table Lamp comes with dedicated iOS and Android app, which lets users control the lamp using their smartphone via Bluetooth. 

The LG table lamp, which relies on a curved ultra-thin OLED sheet to produce light, allows the smartphone to be used to switch the lamp on/off, to set the light on with alarm and also to increase or decrease the light to set the mood. OLED table lamp from LG could set a tone for many other large brands to step into OLED light fixture industry. And given the endless possibilities of ultra-slim OLEDs, who knows, we could have wall-mounted flat light that doubles as a wall hanging coming our way soon.

Via: LG/TheVerge

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