Mercury Glass Pinecone Ornaments For Retro-Modern Christmas Tree Decoration

Mercury Glass Pinecone Ornaments For Retro-Modern Christmas Tree Decoration

Legend has it that natural pinecones were one of the first-holiday decoration items used by mankind. These natural elements were chosen for decoration back then as a symbol of hope and renewal. Later, European glassblowers took an exquisite touch to pinecones by creating holiday decorations as mercury glass ornaments.

Even today, many people love to add these glass pinecone ornaments to their holiday decorations. If you want to give a retro-modern touch to your Christmas decoration this year, we recommend going for these shiny mercury glass pinecone ornaments. From a distance, these pinecones look as if you’ve painted them sparkly silver.

Crafted of mercury glass, the cluster of three pinecones boasts their unique grey-gold finish. One pinecone is shiny, one is matte, and one is coated in grey-gold glitter. These are given a slightly different finish to ensure that the ornaments appear realistic as if coming straight out of a forest. However, the shiny finish gives viewers the impression that you have made an effort to paint them. But when your guests would come closer to your Christmas tree, they’ll realize that these ornaments are of mercury glass.

The glass-blown Christmas tree decorations have a timeless charm. These will look amazing hanging between evergreen Christmas trees along with string lights and other shimmery decorations. Meanwhile, these pinecone decor pieces are likely to add a retro and industrial style to the holiday decor with mercury glass.

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These decoration pieces are more than just ornaments. These are more like a treasure that you may pass on to generations, creating memories while adding Christmas joy. Besides a Christmas tree, these ornaments are great for using on wreaths or other decorations as a centerpiece. You can buy it for about $14 from Amazon.

Mercury Glass Pinecone Ornaments For Retro-Modern Christmas Tree Decoration

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