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Nendo Launches Conch-Shaped Paper Knife That Hides Blade Inside its Shell

If I was a design studio, I would be Nendo. Sounds strange eh! But, that’s how intriguing the Japanese studio and its designs are that I’m ready to mutate from human to a studio. The studio works around simple, yet clever designs, and is known for its ground-breaking designs. So much so, that I can’t resist going gaga over the studio’s latest product Nautilus.

Nautilus is a conch-shaped paper knife. The product has derived its name, ‘Nautilus’ after a spiral seashell creature. Nendo’s latest design is similar to the ring-pillcase, it introduced last year but varies in functionality. Nautilus (not to be confused with Nautilus hot tub,) can cut a paper or an envelope without any hassle.

The Nautilus paper knife hides a blade inside its shell-shaped body. But, how does it work? Nendo explains, ‘when an envelope is passed through the slit on the side, a blade attached to the inner spiral enters under the flap, and opens the envelope.’ Sounds interesting!

We have seen multiple paper knives or envelope openers in the past but this one is special. Not because it comes from Nendo, but it is a simple, innovative, and practical alternative to long cutters and rectangular paper knives.

Nendo did numerous experiments before settling on the final product. The Japanese multidisciplinary studio ensured they leave no stones unturned in shaping the right angles, sharpness of the blade alongside distance from the slit. In fact, a 3D printer was brought to use to make the complex shape of the Nautilus with a blade within.

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Made of resin, the Nautilus weighs just 12g, making it really light to carry. Available in black and white colors, the paper knife is available on the Nendo store for $114.

Nendo Nautilus paper knife

Image: Nendo

Nendo Nautilus paper knife_2

Image: Nendo

Nendo Nautilus paper knife_1

Image: Nendo

Nendo Nautilus paper knife_3

Image: Nendo

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