ThefireballCo Recycled Gas Cylinders

Recycled gas cylinders make great wood stoves for outdoor parties

Winter is here, and you must be looking for a perfect wood stove to warm up your outdoor parties. If you’re a fan of recycling, then you must check out these cool wood-burning stoves that are made out of recycled gas cylinders.

DIY Wood Stoves

Created by Etsy shop owner ThefireballCo, these upcycled gas cylinder wood stoves are great for backyard bonfires. To create these DIY wood stoves, the designer uses empty gas canisters, which are brilliantly transformed into functional pieces of art.

From Volkswagen-themed wood burners to architecturally sculptured log stoves, the creative Etsy shop sells a variety of patio heaters and fireplaces. These wonderful themed wood stoves are created using a sledgehammer, lacquer, and other tools in the welding rig.


If roasting marshmallows off a Volkswagen-inspired log stove sounds like a fun activity, you can surely grab ThefireballCo’s creation online for $383.33. You may also like their other industrial wood burners, which are ranging from $242 to $1,153.

But if you feel your handy skills are up to par, you can even try making your very own industrial wood-burning stove.

ThefireballCo Recycled Gas Cylinders

Volkswagen-themed wood stove

ThefireballCo Recycled Gas Cylinders

Wood stove made from recycled gas cylinder

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