Hotel Ottilia CleanCoat Technology

World’s First Self-Sanitizing Guest Room Technology Debuts at Hotel Ottilia

As the hospitality industry is evolving, hoteliers from around the globe are coming up with unique ways to pitch their properties. In the past we saw the Alienware Room, Kimpton Hotels’ Room 301 and Sook Station Hotel create a distinct pitch with their out-of-the-box branding strategies. Likewise, a Danish progressive boutique hotel chain, Brøchner Hotels has come up with a hassle-free method to keep the hotel rooms clean. For their subsidiary chain Hotel Ottilia in Copenhagen, Brockner is using a chemical-free disinfectant which breaks down microbes like influenza and salmonella, spores and even common allergens.

The disinfectant is developed by Danish company ACT.Global (sustainable sanitation company) and it’s called ACT CleanCoat technology. The main ingredient of this transparent, odorless and sunlight activated substance is Titanium Dioxide which is a proven sunscreen ingredient.

This innovative disinfectant coating eliminates the need for chemical washing which can be a reason for triggering allergies in some people. Moreover, it saves the hotel ample time required by the staff to clean the rooms frequently, since a one-time coating of the self-sanitizing tech on the room walls can keep the room clean for almost a year.

According to Karim Nielsen, CEO Brøchner Hotels, the technology was extensively tested for around 2 years at the nearby Hotel Herman K. Now, where the task of staff has become far easier leading to 50 percent less labor load and water consumption for cleaning tasks.

The only downside of this technology is that the room needs to be emptied of all furniture and other things to apply the coat on the walls and ceiling. Also, as mentioned the coat has to be reapplied each year, so it can be a bit of hassle for the hotel staff.

Surely, the technology isn’t cheap at this point in time, at around $2,500 for a single coat in one room. But the consequently reduced maintenance costs and cleaning time makes it all worthwhile.

Image: Brøchner Hotels

Image: Brøchner Hotels

Hotel Ottilia CleanCoat Technology

Image: Brøchner Hotels

Image: Brøchner Hotels

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