Shanghai-based man builds DIY air purifier using old machine parts

Shanghai-based man builds DIY air purifier using old machine parts

Can’t afford expensive air filter for your house? Well, if you’ve got some technical knowledge, you can try to build it at home just like this Shanghai-based man. Zhang Chao, 40-year-old IT professional, has recently created his own DIY air purifier using some machine parts that he bought online.

According to Zhang, most air purifiers that are available online cost more than 10,000 Yuan (approx. US $1,500). But he has already had enough of those purifiers, as these machines work well for a while but after few years begin losing their efficiency. So, he decided to create his own machine that’s more efficient and affordable at the same time.

Zhang had researched a lot and even looked online for instructions on how to make an air purifier before making one. He finally managed to build a huge air purifier, which measures 1.2-meters high and 60 cm wide. On testing the machine, he found that it can clean air particles with density of PM2.5, falling from 166-micrograms per cubic meter to less than 10. Not bad, sounds good for a DIY air filter.

Plus, it costs only 1,000 yuan (approx. US $150) per year to run this machine. So, it’s worth all his efforts and time. However, the only drawback is that it is a huge machine and would require a massive hole in the wall for installation.

Via: ShanghaiDaily

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