It’s not normal to see skulls and skeletons around your home, but for Halloween, we do it willingly. There are hundreds of skull and skeleton Halloween props available in the market and they make ideal decorations to create a frightening Halloween decor.

Similarly, there are plenty of ways to display skulls and skeletons, you just need to choose a theme creatively. Imagine a skeleton crawling up to the roof of your home. Wouldn’t it look terrifying? For your ease, we have listed many such skeleton Halloween decoration ideas you can pull off to create a horrifying yard or driveway. Read on below:

Giant Skeleton Breaking Out of the House

Image: Alan Perkins/FB

Skeletons Climbing Up Your House

Image: Instagram @efs1photos
Image: Instructables
Image: Imgur/psuedon

Skeleton Climbing up the Fence

Image: DIY Inspired

Skeleton Squad Raiding Your Home

Image: Swamplot

Skeleton Digging up a Grave

Image: Haunters Hangout

Skeleton in the Grave

Image: Instagram
Image: HGTV

Skeleton Rising out of the Grave

Image: BHG

Skeleton Hiding in the Bush

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

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Skeleton Family Halloween Display

Image: Twitter/Sami Campagnano
Image: Reddit
Image: Crazy Bonez Skeleton
Image: Daily Nightmare

Skeleton Stripper in Your Yard

Image: Instructables

Skeleton Taking Pups for a Walk

Image: Facebook/Dachshunds Are Awesome

Skeleton Evading Dogs

Image: Pinterest

Spiders on the Leash

Image: Sahifa-All About Garden

Skeleton Gymnasts in the Yard

Image: NOLAFemmes

Skeletons Practising Yoga

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Image: Imgur/jjlee777

Skeleton Golfers Ready to Tee Off

Image: Melody’s Haunted Halloween

Skeletons Dumping a Body

Image: Instagram @jelliottz
Image: Pinterest
Image: Reddit/Beachcover

Skeleton Riders Invading the Backyard

Image: Jim’s Bike Blog

Playground Full of Bones

Image: Pinterest

Skeleton Couple Posing for a Selfie

Image: Instagram @knowhowshedoesit

Skeletons on a Bench

Image: Instagram @craftyincrosby
Image: Instagram @alaska76

Skeleton on a Hammock

Image: Spook Shop

Skeleton Guards

Image: Instagram @partytogogo

Skeleton Couple at the Front Porch

Image: Instagram @plumprettydecoranddesign
Image: Instagram @courtneycantwell914
Image: Instagram @the_flores_farmhouse

Sloshed Skeleton on an Elevated Chair

Image: Instagram @nolajules68

Skull Pots on the Entrance

Image: The Keeper of the Cheerios

Skulls Hanging at the Front Door

Image: Instagram @paris_alley_reborns

Skeletons on the Steps

Image: Brooklyn Limestone
Image: Instagram @janiceschierrealestate
Image: Instagram @peskellyfamily

Skeleton Joggers for the Welcome

Image: Facebook/Baxter Skeletons

Skeleton on the Swing in the Porch

Image: Instagram @christineonlex

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May the Force be With Skeletons

Image: Facebook/Keeping Up With The Bones

Skeleton Pirate Relaxing on a Tree

Image: Instagram @team_glandouillage

GoT Skeleton Display

Image: Twitter/Marianne Martinez

Skeleton With its own House

Image: Instagram @decor_for_kids

Skeleton Chilling in the Pool

Image: Pinterest

Mermaid Skeleton

Image: Pinterest

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Skeleton Luau for Halloween

Image: Fern & Maple

Skeletons From Space

Image: FB/Baxter Skeletons

Skeletons by a Campfire in the Yard

Image: Pinterest

Rainbow Skeleton Unicorn Grazing in the Yard

Image: Oriental Trading

Skeletons Taking a Bath

Image: Crazy Bonez

Skeletons on a Teeter-Totter

Image: Reddit

Skeletons Basking the Sun

Image: Reddit

Life is Short. Buy the Shoes!!!

Image: Instagram @thebonesyneighbors

Skeletons Playing a Game of Chess

Image: Instagram @ashleysaedpersonal

Edgar Allen BONE is Out to Write His Latest Masterpiece!

Image: Instagram @kreepykildare

Trick or Treat with Skeleton Fairy

Image: Instagram @miamidecor_cloudnine

Indiana Bones and Shenanigans

Image: Instagram @mylittlekatecod

Yabba Dabba Doo! It’s the FlintBones!

Image: FB/Baxter Skeletons

Mr. and Mrs. Bones Selling Lemonade

Image: home is what you make it

Skeletons Flying High

Image: Skeletons of Vivian Line

Socially Distanced Skeleton Display

Image: Roy Fanjoy/Concord Monitor

Halloween Skeleton Turned a Pilgrim

Image: Reddit/SouthernJeb

Skeleton Family Enjoying the Sun

Image: Reddit/timmy6169

Skeletons Working From Home

Image: Reddit/TexB22

Skeleton Squad in Your Backyard

Image: Reddit/Dilligaf_Bazinga

This is the Funniest Halloween Decoration in the World

Image: Reddit/TWANGnBANG

Ghostbusters-Inspired Skeleton Halloween Display

Image: Reddit/ButterflyQueef

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  1. Kreepy Kildare on

    It was fun scrolling through the Skellys and then- WOAH- you had one of my photos on here! Thanks so much from @KreeyKildare

  2. Superbes!! j’aime beaucoup!!
    Pouvez-vous, s’il vous plait m’indiquer où vous achetez vos squelettes, ce doit être un gros investissement mais j’aimerais “emmener” mes petits enfants vers un petit délire pour Halloween prochain.
    Merci à vous de nous faire profiter de vos belles idées.

  3. FYI, we’ve done skeleton fortune teller with patron, flickering candle on table, glowing hanging ghost behind. Quite popular. Also skeleton covered in snakes “the snake pit.” 🙂 and a yoga class (“you can never be too thin”). Enjoy!

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