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10 spooky outdoor Halloween decoration ideas for festival of the dead

10 Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decoration ideas for Festival of the Dead

Halloween is all about haunted houses, black cats, ravens, bats, pumpkin, ghosts, witches, and goblins. It’s a fun time of year, whether you are an adult or a kid. What I like most about this freaky occasion is the opportunity to decorate my backyard with a spooky appeal. I do this every year with my all heart, as I enjoy scaring people and laughing at their timid expressions.There are literally hundreds of creative and fun decorative ideas to turn your backyard into a haunted garden, but we can’t try them all, and I’ll suggest you to not waste your time searching online for useless and impractical backyard Halloween décor ideas like I did. I understand how confusing choosing one among many can get. To make it easier for you, I have compiled a list of my favorite outdoor Halloween decoration ideas which I have tried or wish to try this Halloween. I am pretty sure some of them will definitely inspire you to turn your backyard into a temporary cemetery.

#1 Turn your backyard into a graveyard

I am fed up of decorating my backyard with those same old jack-o-lanterns and ghost lamps. Unlike every year, this year I don’t want to give my backyard that boring appeal. I am no longer following those old school trends. Making an optimum use of the extensive garden to turn my backyard into a scary graveyard with spooky skeletons and tombs is something I am going to try this year. You can also make your backyard look as haunted as graveyards by hanging a couple skeletons and raising tombstones. I assure you, whoever visits your backyard on the scary night will feel the presence of violent poltergeist around them. This will induce the same fear one feels while walking past the graveyard at night. Well, Halloween is all about scaring people, so you can go with these outdoor Halloween decoration ideas if you like them.

Halloween graveyard decor ideas

Image: Getreading

Halloween graveyard

Image: Ruunjiestate

#2 A witch in backyard looks spookier than ever

A full-size witch figure definitely would be a scary addition to your backyard. It’s a perfect time to bring the skinny witch from the ghost stories grandmother used to tell us while we were kids to life. You can also try decorating your backyard with a spooky witch this Halloween. I am done with all preparations and bought a large-sized witch silhouette, black cat figure, artificial ravens, large black pot and pumpkins to complete the wicked appeal. Now, I am desperately waiting for the All Hallows’ Eve to turn my garden into a witchy place. If you want to try it too, just look at the pictures given below, and see how these witch-themed décors turn a pleasant garden into a wicked yard. Trust me, the idea will make your garden look spookier than ever.

withch figure for Halloween

Image: Digsdigs

A witch in backyard

Image: Pinimg

Witch in Garden

Image: Digsdigs

#3 Decorate your backyard with bunch of white sheets

Decorating backyard with a bunch of white sheets for the scary Halloween night is a simple and terrific idea. The idea does not ask you to spend much. I have tried this last year, so I can say it is one of the easiest, inexpensive yet scary backyard Halloween decoration ideas. A bunch of white sheets, scissor, white thread, wood sticks and extra fabric to stuff ghost’s heads is all need to make it. You can make it easily following the pictures below. If you don’t have enough white sheets, you can also try white polyethylenes. They will give the same appeal.

Decorate your backyard with bunch of white sheets

Image: Digsdigs

Decorate your backyard with bunch of white sheets for Halloween

Image: Themeschurch

#4 Humorize your Halloween with skeleton couple

Amy B. Moses, a mother of two from Lumberton, decorated her garden with skeleton family of “Mr. and Mrs. Bones” for Halloween, last year. I don’t know if we could do it, but she did it very beautifully bringing home an element of laughter and fear the whole month of October by displaying the skeleton family posing in different scenes. Skeletons are spooky to witness for sure, but the way skeleton couple enjoys family moments in the backyard brings humor to the scary occasion. I cannot do it as fantastically as she did, but I can try to match her level doing my best. If you think you can, go ahead.

Image: Facebook/Keepingupwiththebones

Keeping Up With The Bones

Image: Facebook/Keepingupwithhebones

Keeping Up With The Bones

Image: Facebook/Keepingupwiththebones

Keeping Up With The Bones

Image: Facebook/Keepingupwiththebones

Keeping Up With The Bones

Image: Facebook/Keepingupwiththebones

#5 Decorate your backyard with skeletons 

I am very much inspired by this Clarksville family’s Halloween decoration who has been decorating their front yard with scary Mr. Bones for years now. Have a look, what they have created last year to make their Halloween celebration fun filled. Instead of making the yard look horrible using creepy skeletons, they made their yard look joyful by adding a whole skeleton family along with skeleton pets. They have made a temporary cemetery to depict the interesting scene of Mr. Bones pulling his bride-to-be out of the grave and proposing her for marriage. They have also created a scene in which a priest is performing the marriage rituals. It is one of the most popular outdoor Halloween decoration ideas of 2016 and still very popular in the internet world.

Clarksville family’s Halloween decoration

Image: Clarksvillenow

Clarksville family’s decoration for freaky Halloween

Image: Clarksvillenow

Clarksville family’s Halloween

Image: Clarksvillenow

Clarksville family’s Halloween backyard decoration

Image: Clarksvillenow

Clarksville family’s Halloween decoration for backyard

Image: Clarksvillenow

Clarksville family’s Halloween decoration

Image: Clarksvillenow

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#6 Zombie buried in the garden look horrifying 

Imagine a zombie is clawing his way out of your garden to catch you! How scary this scene will be. A realistically sculpted zombie silhouette with every grotesque detail can petrify anyone to death. It looks so realistic! Lifesize body and glass eyes look very scary. You can have fun leaving it in the garden to scare your neighbors all month long.

Zombie buried in the garden looks freaky

Image: Lowes

#7 Hang a swing for your ghost friend in backyard

If your backyard allows you to tie a swing, hang one for your ghost friend. I haven’t tried it, but I have seen my friend doing it last Halloween. He tied a spooky witch on one of his backyard trees. The witch looked really horrible on the Halloween night. She swayed to and fro in the mild wind and seemed as if she was coercing us into helping her get off the rope. Along with the witch, he tied a skeleton ghost with a swing over another tree, who was dressed up in black creepy cloth. The view was as scary as it could get.

swing for your ghost friend in backyard

Image: Fun-world

swing for your ghost friend in backyard for Halloween

Image: Fun-world

#8 A rustic coffin in garden can dread you hard

A rustic coffin in the backyard with mystery lighting and skeleton hands popping out of it can freak anybody out at night. Have a look at this coffin, isn’t it enough to haunt anybody with fearful heart? For me, it’s spookier than a skeleton or artificial ghost sculptures. I may feel fearless between fake skeletons at night, but can’t with this prop. Well, if you like it, you can try it to spook faint-hearted people around you.

old coffin in garden can dread you hard

Image: Screamingscarecrow

old coffin in garden for Halloween

Image: Pinterest

#9 Creepy spider crawling up your backyard can haunt little kids

When I was a kid, my father used to haunt me saying that spiders signify the presence of paranormal spirits around you, and you need to call the Orkin man. I don’t know how true it is, but since childhood, I decorate my backyard using artificial creepy spiders every Halloween. This year I am trying to make it big – setting a big creepy spider in my backyard. Good thing about this craft is you can easily build it using stuffed black polyethene and fabric. I am very much inspired by this idea and will build it to haunt my little friends.


Image: Momendeavors

Giant-spider-for-halloween celeberation

Image: Momendeavors


Image: Designcorner

#10 Mummy in the backyard is perfect to give sleepless nights 

I can’t forget timid expressions on the faces of my friends when I told them scary stories of mummies. Halloween is all about scaring people, and time to put the idea of a mummy with spooky spiders to work has come. Creating a mummy does not require so much effort and money. A person with average DIY skills can create it. All you need is white cloth, ping pong ball, google eye and a skeleton hand, and you are all set to give your friends and guests an epileptic fit.

Graved mummy in yard for Halloween

Image: EasyDay.Snydle

Graved mummy in yard

Image: Alamy

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