Spyglass Treehouse Exterior

Prefab Spyglass Treehouse in Texas Lets You Live Amid the Trees

The world is seethed with treehouses. Only recently we introduced you to a staggering two-level treehouse nestled in the Iranian countryside and also the Tree Hut on Volcano in Japan. If you are looking to reacquaint yourself with nature and still willing to explore the honeybees in the hibiscus and watch birds flocking in the blue sky, Spyglass treehouse welcomes you with open arms.

Designed by Texas-based ArtisTree, the prefab treehouse lets you live amid the trees. Being a treat to watch, the treehouse is surrounded by black walnut and elm trees and is based in Fredericksberg, Texas. Designed as a rental, the treehouse was manufactured in a warehouse. The makers claim treehouses like the Spyglass can be made and shipped anywhere in the North America.

Built on the back of a mobile home chassis, the Spyglass can be hung, stilted, or cantilevered. Just like any other modern-day treehouse, the structure isn’t built around or on a tree. Instead, the design focuses on creating an elevated cylindrical-shaped structure poised on steel stilts.

The staircase leads one inside where the treehouse features a bedroom equipped with king size bed. The kitchen is filled with all essential commodities and a lot of storage space. The bathroom lies adjacent to the kitchen and features a handmade sandstone sink. At the other end of the treehouse is a hot tub placed outside the glazing where you can soak your sorrows under the sky.

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The entire interior of the treehouse hotel features curvy walls and large glazing allowing one to sleep and shower with an outside view, and that’s where it gets the name ‘Spyglass‘. The treehouse is fully insulated and able to withstand any weather conditions. The designers focus on making an adaptable treehouse with a low footprint.

Spyglass Treehouse

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Front View

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Night View_14

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Tub_14

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse _34

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Tub_11

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Tub

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Tub_12

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Glazing

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Inside

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Kitchen

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Tub_13

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Shower

Image: ArtisTree

Spyglass Treehouse Washroom

Image: ArtisTree

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    April 2, 2022 at 2:54 pm

    Can I be distributor of your product in Spain?

    I am a freelance and I am beginning with my own interiorices distributor of creative and original Tiny Houses and Mobile Homes.

    Waiting for your answer.
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