Delta lamp by Thibaut Malet

Stylish Delta lamp can be fitted with just rubber bands

Delta lamp by Thibaut Malet

Stylish lamp conceptions are good. But stylish lamp conceptions that can be assembled with just rubber bands are even better. We daresay, the above pictured Delta lamp by Thibaut Malet is the only one that belongs to this second category. Comprising of just 5 pieces of wooden facades and 60 rubber bands, the whole triangular lamp form can be easily composed by the user. The structural rigidity of the conception is simply maintained by the pressure of these elastic bands.

However, the true allure of the whole scope doesn’t stop with the modularity of the Delta lamp. It also relates to the wide number of options the users are given on how to alter the ‘illumination credentials’ of the lamp. How so? Well, the rubber bands can arranged in a myriad of manners, each arrangement creating a different play of light and shadow. So, at the end of the day, the users can not only construct their own elegant lamp, but also customize it to match the ambiance of their home decor.

All images are courtesy of ThibautMalet

Via: ThibautMalet

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