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Take relaxing bath in the exotic crystal and Gemstone Bath Sculpture

If you prefer unique bathtub rather than usual ones, then this Gemstone Sculpture bathtub will for sure impress you and make you wish you could have one such kind in your dream bathroom. Obviously, this bathtub’s design is strikingly different from the typical ones. It looks very creative and exclusive, whether in terms of the chosen material, shape and the special features that designers have included to carve it.

Dutch sculptor Jan-Carel Koster has created this unique, never to be repeated bath sculpture for GUIDERO Holland B.V. This 3- person bath sculpture is made from an 18000 kg block of Labradorite, which was formed billion of years ago. The most interesting thing about Labradorite magical stone (since it has healing spirituals properties) is that it flashes blue, red, green, yellow and orange colors caused by the diffraction of light. In addition, the sculpture is a mix of beautiful crystals such as Red Jasper, Golden Matrix, Sodalite and Rose Quartz.

Even though the designer used bulky stones to build the tub, its weight is just 7500 kg. Seeing the crystal shine bath sculpture for the very first time, you will feel as if it is not carved by a craftsman, but is a naturally formed rock. The crystal bathtub also features stunning water cascades that add more natural feel to it. It is an ideal bathtub for people who want to bring natural beauty and harmony into their space.

Magical labradorite stone

Polished Labradorite gemstone

Gemstone Bath close view

Crystal shine bathtub flashes blue, red, green, yellow and orange colors 

Gemstone Bath Sculpture by Jan-Carel Koster

Gemstone Bath Sculpture

Via: Archiexpo

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