The rum advert calendar

This rum-filled calendar will make drink lover’s Christmas more exciting

Your Christmas wouldn’t be the same this year with this rum-filled calendar. Yes, you heard it right. Drinks by the Dram, the company specialized in selling alcoholic advert calendars has just launched its new rum advert calendar for rum lovers to make their holiday season more enjoyable and stress-free.

The company has made a tasting set of finest rums for each day until Christmas, which holds 24 finest handmade rums in three sections with light, sweet and dark flavors from all around the world. Buying the calendar you will explore 24 wax-sealed drams, each of 30 ml, filled with rums by award-winning distilleries, including best Caribbean and British Navy-style rums.

If you love rum more than anything else you’ve ever tried as an alcoholic, buying this rum calendar will be a great treat for you to celebrate Christmas. Although the calendar is bit pricey and comes with the heavy price tag of £150 (approx. $192 USD), but giving the same amount to experience 24 finest rums from all around the globe, on the occasion is pretty good.

There are also advert calendars for whiskey, gin and vodka lovers, all with 24 world’s best flavors from all across the world. So, if you wanna try them too, check the company’s website and explore what they are offering.

rum advert

Rum advert by Drinks by the Dram

Gin advert by Drinks by the Dram

Gin advert

24 finest rums from all around the world by the Dram

Enjoy 24 finest rums from all around the world

Vodka advert by Drinks by the Dram

Vodka advert

Whiskey-advert calendar

Whiskey advert calendar

Rum calendar by Drinks by the Dram

Rum calendar by Drinks by the Dram

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