How to Create a Backyard Oasis

Tips to Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Backyard Oasis

A perfect yard must have plants, shade, outdoor furniture, some visual attraction, and a cozy spot that oozes comfort. It must feel like a resort in some remote tourist destination where you can free your mind from all worries. Turning your backyard into a private retreat not only improves the curb appeal but also increases the resale value of your home. Creating a backyard oasis requires significant investment, so it is recommended to start from scratch.

Here are some important considerations to help improve your outdoor space and create a perfect backyard getaway you can visit anytime.   

Know Your Space

The first step for backyard makeover is to look at the available space, amount of sunlight, and other characteristics of the site. Depending on these factors, you can include the desired features. It can be a landscaped garden, a fireplace or a pool. If you have enough space for a swimming pool, it’s a perfect spot to hang out. Consider consulting an expert to get a perfectly suitable pool design for your space.

The shape of the yard should also be taken into consideration. Irregularly shaped yards present design challenges but tend to be more interesting in the end. As of square or rectangular gardens, they are relatively easy to organize but often lead to wasted spaces in the corners.  

Prioritize Your Components

The must-haves for a backyard oasis vary from person to person, depending on their definition of luxury and comfort. Those wanting to enjoy outdoors with a large group of friends might prefer an in-ground firepit nearby stone benches for whiling away summer nights under the stars. On the other hand, a cooking enthusiast might crave for an outdoor kitchen, complete with an outdoor brick pizza oven.

Decide the main centerpiece for your backyard retreat and build the rest around that feature. Alternatively, start with the feature that takes up most space such as a swimming pool.

Choose a Theme

A themed yard isn’t a necessity when designing a backyard oasis. It just gives a centralized reference point to your likes and dislikes. Go for a theme that helps to bring together existing outdoor elements and features in the backyard. If you’ve always been drawn to English gardens, it is perfect to install winding paths, stone walls, and tangled wildflowers that create a sense of organized chaos. You can also have tropical plants and a large pergola with creeping vines to replicate the feelings you have experienced poolside in Bali.

Plants and Foliage

The green accent of plants can bring together decorative elements of outdoor space, offering that resort-like feeling at home. Rock gardens and small ponds also have great potential to improve small outdoor spaces, particularly in urban areas.  

It is good working with a landscape artist in order to determine what plants make sense in your outdoor area and achieve the vibe you’re craving for. They can help you design a layout that fills unusual gaps with plants and trees.

Plants have different needs for full growth. Some plants are extremely sensitive to water and thus can’t be right next to the pool. There are other plants that can thrive in full sun or shade and need a spot that gets maximum sun exposure and rain. Working with a professional landscape artist can ensure that you get a perfect garden or lawn within the available space.

The Extras

Similar to interior design, it is often small features and detailing that bring an area to completion, creating a cohesive design scheme. The same rule works when creating a backyard oasis. The small features are exceptionally important in backyards, especially for those who can’t have large features like swimming pool.

One of the easiest backyard decorating ideas is to include the desired outdoor furniture. Look for furniture having weatherproof credentials. It is highly important how you are going to relax and enjoy in your personal retreat. A hanging chair or chaise lounge? How the area will be lit? Will you be using LED light strips or conventional tiki torches assorted with your design scheme? These small details function like finishing touches for a backyard, giving you an opportunity to personalize the space and make it functional. You can also play around with furniture placement.

If you own a small backyard, installing a hot tub or sunroom is a fantastic idea. It’s a perfect addition to enjoy the outdoors in peace and tranquility. You know, nothing feels better taking a nice long relaxing soak in a hot tub after a long day at work. Privacy is also an integral part of the outdoor design which can be easily achieved with draperies. You can also consider installing an outdoor speaker system to improve the overall experience.         

In simple words, investing in a backyard oasis adds value to your home as well as your life. You are building a personalized outdoor space that oozes out tranquility and lets you escape anxiety and stress in no time.   

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