Why You Should Purchase Memory Foam Pillow

A Guide to Why You Should Buy Memory Foam Pillow

A good night’s sleep is essential for physical and mental health. It is absolutely important to rejuvenate the body, revitalize the mind and wake up fresh in a new day. It is of the essence then that you sleep in the cozy room, on a comfortable bed with relaxing mattress and pillow. over the years we’ve all invested a great deal in the most comfortably sized beds and mattresses, but we have completely ignored the third vital unit for a good sleep – the pillow. 

If you are one who cannot sleep without a pillow, it is vital that you get yourself a memory foam pillow. Memory foam pillow is specially designed with a heat reactive insulator cushion and it can adapt the contours of your head and neck when you’re sleeping to offer utmost comfort. When the pressure is released, it returns back to its original shape. Due to its ability to adapt to user’s head and neck, memory foam pillow is considered to be the best pillow to help you get better sleep.

What is a Memory Foam Pillow?

Memory foam, also called the viscoelastic foam, consists of the foamed polyurethane with additional chemicals to increase density and viscosity. The foam cells or bubbles remain open for effectively creating a matrix through which air can easily move. Memory foam was first discovered under a contract by NASA while looking into new materials to increase cushion safety. Memory foam gives the pillow a major facet, owing to the material’s high densities, the pillow reacts to body heat for conforming and molding itself as per the user’s body within a couple of minutes. At low densities, memory foam is pressure sensitive and reacts quickly to body shape.

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Why Replace Old Pillow with Memory Foam Pillow?

You might feel comfortable with your old pillow but it needs to go out of your bedroom if it’s too old. This is because your old pillow is likely to cause the following problems:

It might cause acne

After a long day when you sleep on your pillow, you press your face against the dirt and dead skin that has accumulated on the pillow over time. This dirt when comes in contact with your face can cause acne. Usually, acne can develop due to bacteria present on your phone or other devices but the pillow is the most common suspect.

It cannot hold your head up anymore

If you wash your pillow, it eventually breaks down and all its fluffiness is gone after some time. If your pillow is getting lumpy, you need a new one for sure.

It’s a buffet for dust mites

As mentioned before, your pillow accumulates a lot of dust and dead skin. Therefore, a pillow is a huge buffet of dust for mites to fill up their empty stomach. You may not be able to see these tiny arthropods with a naked eye, but they feed on human dead cells, leaving your skin irritated or itchy at times.

How is Memory Foam Pillow Different from “Down” and “Fiberfill” Pillow?

Down pillows consist of bird’s feathers and that’s how their fluffiness is maintained. These pillows can hold its loft up to three times longer than any synthetic alternatives and you probably already know it’s very soft as well. But they tend to become lumpy and loosen up all the fluffiness over a short period of time.

Fiberfill pillows consist of polyester material and are manufactured using other questionable chemicals that directly lead to environmental pollution. Moreover, these pillows flatten out with use and won’t be able to last as long as some other types of pillows.

Why You Should Purchase Memory Foam Pillow

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Memory foam pillows are manufactured using polyurethane and several other chemicals. But these chemicals are used to give it support from inside to prevent lumping over time. This means these pillows don’t clump and don’t even require any fluffing. They offer you support and adapt to your head position, providing utmost comfort.

What are the Benefits of a Memory Foam Pillow?

Besides revitalizing your body and mind, the memory foam pillow offers you the following benefits and reasons to buy:

  1. Memory foam pillow strengthens the spine alignment
  2. Prevents too much snoring 
  3. Memory foam pillow is more hygienic as compared to other pillow types
  4. It helps relieve pressure points in the neck, shoulder, and upper back
  5. Memory foam pillow is easy to maintain
  6. It is more durable than other pillow types

Now, let’s understand each point in detail. 

Strengthens Spine Alignment

It is very important to have your spine in a natural position while sleeping. Failing to have the spine aligned leads to various ailments including neck and back pains. It is also the reason why you wake up with headaches and body feeling very tired and uncomfortable. The spine is designed to stay aligned when you are standing, sitting or sleeping.
The memory foam pillow adjusts to the weight of your body. It takes the natural shape of your head and neck and lets the spine remain in its natural position with your neck comfortably supported. This position enables you to have a good night’s sleep without too much tossing and turning. Your body muscles are able to relax enabling you to have a deep sleep.

Prevents Too Much Snoring

Snoring is one problem people struggle with while sleeping. Snoring is aided by the airwaves being constricted especially if you are resting in an unnatural body position. Since a memory foam pillow contours to the shape of your head and neck, it enables you to rest in a more natural position leaving your airwaves open and enabling you to breathe comfortably hence minimizing snoring.

Memory Foam is Hygienic

Memory foam features materials that are naturally hypoallergenic. Unlike traditional pillows that are made up of feathers, wool, and cotton and which catalyze the growth of bacteria and mold due to sweat; memory foam pillows ensure that this does not happen as your body is allowed to rest comfortably hence preventing sweating that happens because of the body moving around too much while sleeping. The pillows are also ideal for people allergic to micro-fluff that other pillows potentially release.

Relieves Pressure Points

As mentioned before, memory foam pillows adjust to the shape of your neck and head. The pillows absorb pressure where it is more applied and reforms where there is no stress. When you lie on it, your head sinks in comfortably while your neck is supported appropriately to allow uniform pressure. Memory foam pillows, therefore, relieve pressure points on the shoulders, upper back and from your neck area and provide you maximum sleep comfort.

Easy to Maintain

Memory foam pillows are easier to maintain as compared to traditional pillows. You can simply remove the cover and wash it separately and then aerate it. Since you sweat less when sleeping on the memory foam pillow – as it contours and adjusts to your body shape, the pillow gets dirty less often.

Highly Durable

Traditional pillows begin to flatten after a few months of use since they do not absorb your body pressure. They also begin to lump as areas where there is consistent pressure flatten while the unused areas remain intact.

With memory foam pillows, the shape is retained for the longest time possible thanks to their ability to conform and adjust to your body pressure. Since they are not stuffed up with materials that pour out, they are able to remain as good as new after months of use.

Does Memory Foam Pillow Help You Sleep Better?

Why You Should Purchase Memory Foam Pillow

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According to memory foam manufacturers, these pillows help in relieving pain and thereby promotes more restful sleep. Even consumers support memory foam pillows, they believe these pillows are very firm and adapt to their body, leading to better sleep. Memory foam pillows are also considered good for people suffering from back or neck pain because they offer comfort to your body when sleeping – without stressing any part of your neck or back.

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How Long Does a Memory Foam Pillow Last?

A memory foam pillow can easily last for up to 36 months – which is a pretty long duration compared to other down or fiberfill pillows that last only for six months or so.

While most usual pillows can flatten a tad with time, the shredded memory foam pillow is less likely to do it because it has so many different pieces of foam in it. Therefore, these are the best pillows you could get for better sleep and yes, you don’t have to worry about replacing them after a few months.

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