Halloween is still days away but the craze for the spookiest fest of the year has already begun. And why not, it is in fact one day of the year when your family, friends, and colleagues are dressed as devils and witches to celebrate the rise of the dead from the abyss.

We totally understand that you are stuck in late-night shifts with long working hours, and barely find time to select a witch wreath for your house. To ease some pressure off your shoulders, we have shortlisted these quick witch wreath ideas that’ll spice up your Halloween party and also add spookiness to your house.

With our friends, family, and colleagues, paying a visit, it becomes important that we embellish our house with decorative features that are spooky as well. Speaking of decorations, there is nothing better than a witch wreath to add a spooky element to your place, so here we go.

Is there anything more spookier than a witch wreath gazing at visitors from the front door?
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Image: Made In One Day

This cute, wicked DIY witch wreath is incredibly cute and can adorn your empty wall, door, window, or front porch without scaring anyone.
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Image: Homecrux/Rishik Sharma

A hat-frame witch wreath placed on the sofa can freak anyone out.
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Image: Answer Is Choco

Broom and boots consisting a flying witch wreath to scare kids.
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Image: A Piece of Rainbow

Black and purple Tulle with elongated yellow socks can frighten anyone. Full tutorial


A green burlap wreath with a broom, witch hat, and scary legs will leave neighbors petrified.
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Image: Positively Splendid

A witch hat made of wire, mesh, and glittering spiders can be stuck on the wall.
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Image: DIY Candy

Display this festive fabric-wrapped witch wreath for your Halloween party.
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Image: Lolly Jane

Make a creepy Halloween witch-themed wreath using barbed wire and burlap witch hats.
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Image: Atta Girl Says

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Try a crochet pattern witch that crashes on the door!

Image: StringyDingDing

An eight-legged and two-eyed witch wreath looks spooky as hell.

Image: Tangled Up In Wreaths

The Beetle Juice ghost wreath is a spooky reminder of those bone-chilling childhood horrors.

Image: Holiday Baubles

This crescent-shaped witch wreath with spooky little pumpkins is really daunting.

Image: White Christmas Wreaths

The upside-down witch wreath with three eyeballs and a spider scares away those trick-or-treaters.

Image: Etsy/DecoDesignWorks

This wreath with witch legs and a hat is adorable and spooky at the same time.

Image: Etsy/CraftingbyBarbara

A scary witch in the shape of a crescent Moon with spiders and webs is perfect to surprise your inmates.

Image: Grandinroad

We are sure these uncanny witch wreath ideas for Halloween will add a spooky and surprise element to your party and will end up frightening some guests. Happy Halloween!


Atish Sharma is a seasoned journalist, theatre director and PR specialist based in Shimla, India. He boasts over eight years of experience in print, electronic, and digital media, and has played pivotal roles as a field journalist at Hindustan Times. When not weaving a web of words at Homecrux or scouring new tiny houses, you'll discover him immersed in cinema, savouring cult classics, interviewing production designers or embarking on a quest for existential truths, far beyond his fantasy of being a cowboy who never rode a horse.

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