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World’s first mobile hostel reinvents festival accommodation

To offer festival-goers the best experience possible, various organizations are coming up with minimalist and fun ways to create temporary accommodations. Recently, we saw eco-friendly KarTent that’s designed to offer comfortable stay during music festivals or any other events. But there’s another firm, which has design a conceptual shelter design for music festivals and other events.

Taking festival accommodation to next level, Croatian-based Nearby Hostel has created a ‘Mobile Hostel’ concept to provide affordable, mobile, self-contained, secure and comfortable accommodations to festival-goers. These shelters are basically hostel type accommodations that provide all basic amenities for a convenient stay for as long as you want. Furthermore, the built-in mechanism can also increases its size three times, depending on the current need.

The world’s first mobile hostel offers a brilliant living space to people coming from different places of the world for a specific event. Nearby Hostel consists of nine rooms with 26 beds, toilets and smart showers that use up to 70-percent less water. Each mobile room is well-insulated and integrated with comfortable beds, TV, Wi-Fi, Lockers, AC sockets and fridge. Silent power generation, air conditioning system and water tanks are also provided within different rooms.

To unlock the door, guests have to use their smartphone rather than keys. Due to the lightweight design structure, these mobile shelters can be easily transported. It can be easily loaded on a truck and moved from one festival to another. However, the consumers are required to book these shelters in advance before going to the festival. So, the company can take them to desired location just in time for your arrival.

Nearby Hostel is currently seeking funds on a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Their user-friendly concept has been embraced by festival and event promoters from all over the world. Hopefully, they will raise enough funds to take their concept to production phase. It will certainly be a revolutionary way to provide easier and convenient shelters for people attending temporary events.

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